iPhone 5/5S/5C

iPhone 5 is a product development team that solves the problem with your broken screen on your tablet or smartphone. Most smartphones and tablets are expensive to replace, or operating, and therefore have more and more people learned how to use PanzerGlass in order to protect from scratches and other damage.

Installation guide:

  • Make sure you mount the on a clean Board without dust.
  • Clean the screen with alcohol cloth, which is in the packaging, in order to remove dirt and fingerprints on the screen.
  • Use Microfiber cloth on the screen until it is completely dry.
  • Remove the film, which is labeled “back” from Computer Annals(avoid touching the on the adhesive side, as this will give fingerprints and dirt on the glass, which you will be able to see after installation).
  • Position the so the holes in the is gently over the buttons on the phone/iPad. Then gently set the glass on the top of the phone/ipad screen.
  • Press with a finger in the middle of and “cleaner” itself firmly to the screen.
  • Microfiber cloth can be used to push the remaining bubbles out toward the edge. The glass can be rubbed firmly without damaging it.
  • If there is still some air left by the edges, you can gently lift the until it releases the air bubble in the area and then let suck it back in place while you helps remove the bubble by rubbing with the Microfiber cloth.