Iphone 6: Limited Edition Of The Smartphone In Gold

The regular iphone 6 is not exclusive enough, settles to Apple’s Smartphone in an extraordinary Variant. The British luxury goods finishers gold Genie published in celebration of the Chinese new year a limited edition of the iphone 6 on 19 February 2015 wrapped in a housing made of 24-karat gold. The engraving of the goat’s Chinese star sign adorns the noble case the Smartphone.

Bling bling: high-tech toys for the super rich

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The year of the goat

Only 99 units of the year of the goat limited edition elite are available at a price of 3.164 euros each for the 64-gigabyte model and 3.404 euros for the larger 128 GB Variant. In addition to the luxurious shell is also fully unlocked the iphone and can be thus used with all mobile service providers in the world. To better protect the precious gold case against scratches, the manufacturer coated the equipment with a transparent clear coat – coat, which should be especially resistant. The buyer Gets the exclusive iphone as usual with gold genius, 6 in an exkusiven wooden box cherry oak. The accessories supplied is, however, usually: headset, lightning cable, power supply and corresponding documents.

Finishers since 1995

Laban Roomes founded the gold genius company based in London, that specialized since 1995 on the refinement of devices as iphones, ipads, blackberry smartphones and gaming consoles. At the beginning, worked for the company for renowned automotive companies, including also Bentley and Rolls Royce and refined the Interior as well as the Aubenausttattung of luxury vehicles with his patented out. An appearance on the American TV show Dragon’s, at the young founder to capitalists are competing gold genius made known. However, the company is finishing long ago not the only one on the market, numerous competitors offer similar luxury gadgets. Our site has taken the most expensive technology toys in the world under the microscope.