iPhone Accessories: Keyboard and Case for iPhone 4

You have just fun from a mobile phone, which had a physical keyboard to an iPhone 4? Would you still like to be able to feel the keys? This mobile pouch with an integrated Bluetooth keyboard can be the perfect solution.

This piece of iPhone accessories iPhone 4 looks both unique and modern, while it protects your iPhone 4 at the same time. There is also an integrated Bluetooth keyboard. This iPhone case with keyboard is made of hard plastic and can be used as a protective case when the keyboard is not used. This mobile pouch combines ergonomic technique with a good aesthetics. The keyboard glides quietly, so you can easily select which keyboard you want to use: the virtual (iPhone screen) or the physical keyboard.

Case for iPhone 4

– Case protects your valuable phone
– Gives an elegant look
– Especially designed for iPhone 4
-Bluetooth keyboard
– iPhone pouch – Soft and strong at the same time
– Perfect if you need to write messages, e-mails or other notes
-Designed by bridgat limited to provide a quick access to all phone functions, camera and ports

iPhone Accessories

Bluetooth: version 2.0
-The keyboard is used in conjunction with Bluetooth and is powered by an internal rechargeable battery

– The battery works up to 45 days, when it is fully charged
– 200 mAh Lithium battery
– Approx. 4 hour charge, so are the empty battery charged

– iPhone 4