Kairos Watch

Highlighting in the meantime smartwatch is going to be difficult, perhaps there was a propitious moment in the beginning, when the big manufacturers were not yet for the work.

I am also sure that we will have surprises with some innovative ideas, like the one that is presented to us on the Kairos watch.

What makes it special is that it has an OLED screen, located on a conventional clock, and for both areas to be visible, the first is transparent. An idea that could well carry out Samsung, for its power in the development of screens with this technology.

Again we are before a proposal that needs a phone or tablet that gives you life, be it iOS, or Android. For now all we have about it is a video and recreations that we get their developers:

Inside the stainless steel body there is plenty of technology-apart from the screen-such as Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, three-axis accelerometer, vibration, and a 180mAh battery. They promise autonomy of 5 to 7 days in a load.

The transparent screen, above the clock, will be protected by a layer made of sapphire crystal, and there will be a touch layer, which is the way we interact with Kairos. When we are not touching it, or using it, the screen becomes completely transparent.

Although we can still see it as a real product, we can already intuit that Kairos is an expensive gadget, they will ask for it 1,200 dollars. The OLED watch will be available in December of this year at Centralledwatch.com, and for those who want to reserve it well in advance, the price will drop significantly: 500 dollars. There will be a special model with Swiss technology and gold, which goes to $ 2,150 (1,200 if you reserve now).