Known The New HTC U, Is HTC Doomed to Failure?

Today we have raised soon to follow the event programmed by HTC to announce their new phones of series U and after the presentation, leaves us with a feeling of loss of hope that we’re already getting used.

Gives equal incomes continue collapsing, the Taiwanese company seems not to realize that, even if they repeat it, your strategy does not work. On paper, the HTC U Ultra and HTC U Play are not bad terminals, but suffer from very repeated errors such as lack of originality or, above all, too high prices. The umpteenth attempt to HTC to get head, we can only ask: is HTC doomed to failure?

HTC innovation is on vacation

During the presentation of their new equipment, HTC has focused much on redial your change of address, accompanying the new surname “U”, making reference to “you”, i.e. “you”. There is no doubt that there has been a change of image and tone, but We must go beyond marketing.

HTC assures have focused on the needs of the user, but seen the HTC U, it is clear to us that innovation is not among their priorities, or better said, our priorities according to HTC.

One of the novelties that are released in the HTC U Ultra, the most advanced model, is the double screen. However, as we have already seen in our comparison with the LG V20, is a characteristic directly from the terminal of the South Koreans calcada.

The design has been the main protagonist the first part of the event. HTC has designed two teams in which the Sapphire Crystal is the protagonist, covering all back it with a very pronounced curve at the ends. And already, this is the innovation series U in terms of design. Since they wanted to create a design that is so different, could have avoided the obvious-like with the S7 the back edge.

HTC Companion has also occupied part of the event but, as we have seen in the presentation, does not provide new features that we have not already seen in Google Now. In short, a potpourri of benefits that we already knew and, even though HTC to work, we don’t need as much as you think.

A flagship of 2016 to compete in 2017 and a mid-range heap

However, HTC U Ultra has a fairly complete technical profile, but competes against the high end of 2016, and neither stands out significantly. If add you that in 2017 is expected that you brands like Samsung, LG, Huawei or even Apple raise the bar, then the HTC U Ultra will be a mobile, say no outdated, but of course it will not be updated.

That is not to mention the price. HTC is committed to create terminals inaccessible to most. In this case the price of the HTC U Ultra will be in the 749 euros, in the line of equipment as Google Pixel. Certainly HTC aims high… Too much.

The reality is that today who go to a shop with the intentions and the necessary budget to make mobile more pointer of the moment, probably not choose HTC U Ultra. And, if it is expected a few months, it will be when it goes on sale, probably not even include it among their options.

But the series U not only includes a high-end, also comes with a mid range and, once again, HTC again offers us a team that fails to mention between the saturated current offer. Only with the price they could get to emerge, but the first data point to 449 dollars, a figure very much in the line of previous models.

What you are doing, HTC?

If we look at the past movements of HTC (the new HTC U, 10 Desire or HTC Evo 10), that trip twice with the same stone acquires a new level, so much so that We began to think that, even if they change their strategy and correct their mistakes, the company is dedicated to failure.

It has not been the case, but HTC could have launched a ship logo that will eat the competition and still would not be enough. The company needs more than just a pointer smartphone to turn numbers that never cease to fall, and the test we have with HTC 10, a very complete mobile which however has failed to mark to recover positions.

2016 has been the worst year for HTC and, judging by how have begun 2017, we would not surprise that this was the year of the end of HTC as we know it

Create a diverse and competitively priced mid-range definitely is not on the agenda of HTC. In addition, we doubt that these heights is a goal achievable for the brand, especially when they become proposals from China so groundbreaking. Income balance sheets show that 2016 has been his worst year and seeing how they have started 2017, would not surprise us that this was the year of the end of HTC as we know it.

But there is always a way out. HTC could recover its role of yesteryear for become a manufacturer for other brands, something they are already doing with Google and their Pixel. What seems clear after learning the HTC U is that this situation will not continue for much longer.