Language Assistant: Microsoft Is Working On Cortana Support For Office Apps

Currently, Microsoft’s language assistant Cortana is still a niche existence under Windows phone 8.1. But that should change soon. As the verge reported, citing unnamed sources, Cortana is also in the Mobile Office apps used. Work with Assistant tests the company already a corresponding app for Windows phone 8.1. Later, Cortana to according to the report, also in the Office apps on ios and Android entry hold.

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In the back then also Word documents, powerpoint presentations settled with Cortana or open emails in Outlook using voice command, dictate or to edit. In an Italian Windows blog screenshots have already surfaced, which should show first features.

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60 impressions It offers the new operating system it goes after Apple, Microsoft & co., then belongs to the keyboard as a central input technique soon of the past. For this, the two companies bring their intelligent software in the position. While Siri in the ios world serves as accessibility since 2011, Microsoft is now bringing its semantic search service in a position with Cortana. With the tight integration of Cortana in Windows 10, the next big step is already planned. Whether Apple, Google or Microsoft: A cause for the lack of international success of such applications has been the stiefmütterliche support only the English versions have different language versions mostly full-featured. Is therefore exciting, finally whether Microsoft in the future faster than the competitor arrives on the needs of all customers millions worldwide use the Windows System.

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Word, Excel, and Outlook for traveling

Microsoft’s Office software almost exclusively in the stationary world of Windows was home for many years. However, in November 2014, the Redmond company has released the popular programs Word, Excel and powerpoint for ios devices. In January 2015, we followed up with the Office apps for Android. Screw with Office for Windows 10 developers at a special mobile version for the new operating system of the group.

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