Le Touch USB C

The MacBook 12′ Retina–for friends only MacBook–was a computer rather daring, which as I understand it sells poorly but keeps the price in used. The fact is that to choose it you have to make sure you do not have to continually need to external devices, otherwise the mobility advantage goes to hell because of the need to use adapter. If you are aware of this limit and you ask him too much on the performance side, is a computer that knows how to be appreciated for its extreme lightness, a nice design and a really good screen. The question of the single USB port-C, however, sooner or later comes out. Occasionally having to read a memory, connect a pendrive or disk, so one must take into account a certain amount to be allocated to an adapter. I have tried those Apple in my review, but in the meantime this door spread a bit more (not so much for the truth) and there are also third-party solutions. I decided to try some these days, beginning from the Letouch HUB.

This product is specifically designed for the MacBook, in fact its shape and materials are chosen for affiancarcisi cleanly. When I got it I were also available also the colors gold and space grey, but now seems to have remained only one silver. The HUB has 3 USB 3.0 and a card reader, SD or microSD.

Combined with the MacBook is very comfortable, cluttered little and is a pleasant fact that do not have threads hanging. It becomes like a body added to the left side of the handset, with the only negative in not fully supportive. The engagement is entrusted only to the USB port-C mail at the businessjust.com, then the bottom tends to deviate slightly from the computer case (and if we’re disconnecting a device we need to hold it in place). Not a big deal, but keep in mind that, although it seems an extension of the laptop, it takes little to disconnect it. Staying on the subject of things that I don’t like, I note the absence of a USB-C of passage, which then will charge your laptop while using the HUB. And finally, at the cost of being too critical, the doors are a little too close and with some wide pendrive cannot use side-by-side.