Lexar Professional Workflow Hub HR1 USB 3.0

I think in Lexar had predicted this scenario because now there is a new Docking Station HR2 (Thunderbolt 2), which “should” obviate the problem unfortunately costs alone more than achieve 512 SSD. The two players that I chose, SR2 for SD Card andCR2 for Compact Flash, are really fast in reading and writing and didn’t notice incompatibility with various SD and CF tested, as happened with the Lexar LWR300. Just a little note on the CF Reader that with some slower card, tends to have a wait time before you start read or write operations, and could be disturbing. For my test I chose to connect to the Mac Pro the Docking Station and to include both card readers, I’ve also occupied the other 2 available slots with 2 DD512 units. I am using the discs to work with Final Cut Pro X and are pleasantly surprised at the responsiveness and fluidity that you get: never slow down, never an uncertainty, common aspects and familiar to those who already use internal or external SSD, but that could change the experience for people who still use mechanical hard drives. Imports from SD or CF are fast and run without hesitation, in the tests I did I was able to import 10 GB movies in AVCHD SD card Samsung class 10 in 6 minutes. For completeness the entire task (i.e. also full transcoding and analysis) lasted about 35mins, but this depends very much even from the computer used.


The Lexar Professional Workflow system is clearly addressed to the operators and fideo and does so with a different kind of approach and with a price attractive, especially to me really, really like the ability to “pull a lump” and use it on another computer, how often do I took work home. At the bottom you could accomplish the same thing with different components, but there would be many more cables and power supplies scattered around, while its small size and its Plug & Play nature make it charming and desirable, as well as extremely practical. Prices are generally very content, sin only to exploit the RAID for SSD with USB 3.0 Docking Station HR1, but even without flash drives are fast and efficient. Below you find links to all components of the system mentioned in the article:

  • Docking Station HR1(USB 3.0 Hub)
  • Docking Station HR2(Hub Thunderbolt 2)
  • DD512(512GB SSD)
  • SR2(SD)
  • CR2(CF Reader)
  • XR1(D)
  • UR1(kettore microSD)