Medion P9514 S8312: Aldi-Tablet In The Test

From February 5 Aldi Sud offer again the end of 2014 sold Medion P9514 S8312. This is identical to the recently introduced and directly at Medion of displaced P9514 S8311, deliverables, and apps but differs in the points. So Aldi South customers get a SIM free (Aldi talk, network operators: E-Plus) and the typical Aldi apps pre-installed. These include such as photo services or the app Aldi talk. The basic equipment but is identical in both: Android 4.4, full HD screen, 3 G for mobile surfing, an FM radio and an infrared transmitter for use as a remote control. The hammer: The P9514 S8312 available from Aldi Sud is 179 euros again 20 Euro cheaper than the P9514 at Medion S8311.

Simple but elegant design

The P9514 S8312 is no thicker Brummer: it is only 0.8 centimeters high, the housing is fitted with square instead of round edges. The back is equipped with an aluminum cover. That makes the Tablet as noble as robust, but also difficult: the P9514 S8312 weighs 359 grams on the scale. Comparison: the Sony Xperia Z3 is Tablet Compact with 268 grams almost a flyweight.

Medion P9514 S8312: product photos and screenshots

View 21 images Medion P9514 S8312 sharp display

Not of course in this price class: the display is sharp and contrasty vacation photos, video clips and Web pages on its 8-inch diagonal in full-HD resolution with 1920 x 1200 pixels. However, it shows the unnatural and not very strong colors. Also annoy as many other tablets also powerful reflections on the display.

Eight core drive

To power the tester experienced a substantial surprise: the eight core MT8392 of mediatek drives the P9514 S8312. Which is a neat networking with 2 gigabyte memory (RAM) to the page. More would not make sense also, finally, the P9514 with Android 4.4 in the 32-bit version works. If the device receives an update with the significantly more efficient Android 5.0 (64-bit), is currently. But even with the current facilities convinced the tablet at the speed measurements: the working speed was consistently high in the test, the pace of the game also. Good: The eight core switches off depending on the request processing units such as surfing the Internet. That saves the battery.

Android Lollipop: these devices are

52 Android Android devices with the new operating system battery life okay

That worked in the test but not as desired: because the high resolution display and the strong processor sucking vigorously on the battery. So, the P9514 came out just 11 hours and 53 minutes without plug. Since the competition going to be significantly more Apple ipad mini 3 hours and 19 minutes, even the Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet compact 17 hours and 44 minutes. The charging time is relatively small: after about four hours of battery of the P9514 is again filled to the brim.

Memory knapp, but expandable

The built-in memory was unconvincing too, only about 10 gigabytes are free. Two or three elaborate games that well per 1 gigabyte to complete take, to a few movies for on the go and the memory is filled to the brim. Good: The capacity expanded if necessary easily microsdxc card to stately 128 gigabytes.

SIM card slot

In addition to the memory card slot, a slot for SIM card is in the device. So, you surf on the go without Wi-Fi so that on the net. The maximum speed is maximum 21.6 megabits per second. This is although not LTE speed, but still adequate in everyday life. Aldi Board an appropriate SIM card, which can be recharged with a credit. About traveling surf the net and send SMS and MMS, and received this.

Infrared transmitter built-in

Also useful: the P9514 has an infrared transmitter. So, the Tablet turns easily into a remote control. The catch: The Tablet works currently only with tvs, AV receivers and Blu-ray players by Medion. The manufacturer wants to revise the app but, so that the use as a remote control will work regardless of the manufacturer. When the necessary update comes, but open.

The best tablets

41 devices Leaderboard: tablet computer FM radio on board

What already works, is the use of the tablets as FM radio. To do this you need to plug only the supplied headset. The headset also acts as an antenna.

Conclusion: Medion P9514 S8312 (MD98989)

In the test, the P9514 made no major weaknesses. The full HD display provides a decent image quality and the eight core processor ensures a high pace of work. The P9514 thanks to 3 G, infrared transmitter and FM radio is also versatile. For 179 euro there is currently no comparable tablet.
Pro Sharp Display High Pace of Work Memory upgradeable UMTS, Infrared or Fm Contra Unnatural Color Reproduction Comparatively high Weight Test Note of 2.26 good Editorial