Microsoft’s Edge Will Soon Have 10 Extensions for Windows Mobile

On smartphones with Windows Mobile will be Microsoft’s Edge 10-browser soon equipped with the ability to add extensions like on the PC version.

While Microsoft is in the process of testing the support for extensions to the year-old Edge browser for computers, it has been unclear when extensions to Edge browser on smartphones with Windows Mobile 10 would see the light of day.

Extensions have been an absolutely essential part of Web browsers on computers, and while, for example, Opera and Firefox browsers have long supported extensions specifically created for smartphones, is a different situation for not only Edge, but also Google Chrome.

Now joins Microsoft, however, out on his website that the extensions is officially on its way to the mobile browser. On the website it says: “the Microsoft Edge extensions will let you add or change the browser functionality”.

According to MSPoweruser will extensions like AdBlock, OneNote Web Clipper and Microsoft Translator be available when support comes along with the so-called Windows 10 Anniversary Update during the summer.

Just as with other Web browsers for computers, it is up to the third-party developers to make cool extensions that, one way or another, can change and improve the browsing experience.

Microsoft has been planning to equip Edge browser with extensions since last year’s BUILD-event, but had to then realise that it had to wait because of limited resources and a-at that time-poor user experience.