Minx Air 100 Wireless Speaker

Minx Air 100 is a compact, versatile and accomplished with both AirPlay wireless speaker and Bluetooth, internet radio, iOS/Android-control, remote control and minijack input. Fits everywhere and with really good sound for the size.

Highlights of Cambridge Minx Air 100 – a versatile, compact and well-playing wireless speaker

Minx Air 100 is an extremely versatile wireless speaker with AirPlay, Bluetooth, internet radio with presets, aptX iOS/Android controls, RCA/minijack analog-ind, solid construction, smart design, remote control and really good sound for the size.

Minx Air 100 Wireless Speaker

Apart from the more modest external targets and a simpler speaker wiring reminds Minx Air 100 much about big brother Minx Air 200. A fine solution if both audio quality and flexible opportunities is high on the wish list, without your wireless speaker at the same time get bigger or more expensive than necessary. Fits anywhere with its simple and discrete design.

NOTE: you do not get real stereo and real Hi-Fi from an all-in-one speaker, regardless of how well it is built. Genuine Hi-Fi always requires a good amplifier and separate speakers!