Mobile Sales Exploding for Huawei

Things are going swimmingly for Huawei, in spite of a mobile market shows signs of slowdown.

The world’s third largest mobile phone producer, is experiencing tremendous progress through the past year, in spite of a global market for smartphones, which has stagnated through the period.

Global market figures from the first quarter of 2016 shows that Huawei has grown by 64 percent in the number of units sold compared to same quarter of 2015. All the while, the studies suggest that worldwide is sold 3 percent fewer smartphones through the same period.

Thus is swept up in a place as global Huawei 3rd overall with 8.5 percent of the market, behind Samsung with 24.8 percent and Apple with 17.5 percent.

Wild prosperity in Denmark

Here at home is Huaweis down to the even wilder, with a bill of sale in the first quarter which is more than doubled compared to the previous year.

The rise of 118 percent due to a stronger brand and a successful cocktail of design, innovation and strong partnerships according to Thor Gøtz, the company’s Director of Consumer BG.

“The new Huawei P9 has received a very warm reception both in Denmark and the region as a whole. Several have woken up for Huawei as a brand, and you see that we provide beautiful smartphones with innovative features and good hardware. Our partnership with Leica on dual-camera in P9 is yet another testimony to the fact that Huaweis fire is getting stronger and stronger. We are also experiencing a growing interest from operators, which all together have taken P9 in their range, which is historically for Huawei Denmark “says Thor Gøtz.