Moshi iLynx 800 Hub USB Firewire 800

Long ago I reviewed the hub Moshi iLynx, definitely an excellent product on all fronts, aesthetically and functionally. At the time evidenziammo however, the lack of the fastest Firewire 800, in favor of the oldest 400. After some time Moshi has decided to create a variant called iLynx 800, which compensates for this lack.

The external structure remains unchanged, confirming that line that was largely because of his success. 2 USB 2.0 ports on each side and 1 Firewire 800. There’s also a beautiful inscription moshi that glows just connected.

The heart of it all is once again the DPS technology, unique in its kind, which allows this small non-powered HUB, operating at the same time a large number of devices. In the example below you see 3 Hard drives (1 2 USB + Firewire), 1 card reader with an SD inside and also the Apple, on which then cascade there is a tablet.

See a short video of this excellent product:

Successful design, excellent materials, great convenience for placement at the base of an iMac or Led Cinema Display and technologically excellent. No other non-powered HUB provides this stability in the control of many USB hubs and Firewire devices. From this point of view I found it even better than the previous model. Shame about the connecting cables that are the perfect length for the iMac (so as not to remain hanging down, but in the case of a Led Cinema Display to get to the homes of the Mac Pro with Firewire I struggled a bit. In the version with Firewire 400 there were supplied by small extensions, SIN has taken off because it would add flexibility to a product that remains in all cases highly recommended.

On Our site you find at 69.90 € and the price is probably the only drawback of this model. The HUB is one of the top selling products, each of us I have bought at least one joined. Personally I’ve had at least 6 in recent years, some of which paid even less than € 20. However, while all of the above have proved to be useless, for one reason or another, the iLynx it never missed a beat. For this I used the version FW400 and today I switched to one with FW800. It will cost more than others, but it is equally more.