Moshi iLynx USB 3.0 Hub

Between external drives, pen drives, microphones and accessories, USB ports are never enough. Species since we SuperSpeed 3.0 version, which has proved unable to support adequately every type of device, often making useless the Thunderbolt. USB 3.0 hubs are among the top selling products of the moment and they come in every make, model and price. Way back in 2011 I reviewed Moshi iLynx USB 2.0 ports and 4 800, who had 2 Firewire 800, while recently came out the model iLynx 3.0, with 4 port USB 3.0 for modern Mac. In fact it can also be used on PCs, but his style is perfect in coupled with an Apple computer, both desktop and laptop.

The first thing you notice is the design, simple but with attention to every detail. From the pictures it is not easy to bring out the special, but you notice immediately that it is a quality product. The case is in Matt aluminium, very similar to that used by Apple in its computer, while the inner frame near the doors is polished to a mirror. On the front there are 4 port USB 3.0, sufficiently spaced to accommodate different types of products.

An initial negative affects on the iLynx USB cable 3 connects to your computer, which can be too short. Is tailored to get to the back of an iMac and stays perfect for use with a laptop, but in my case to reach the door of the Mac Pro I had to use a small extension cord. It won’t be a problem for everyone, but a longer cable would have made it easier to decide where to place the HUB from your computer.

Another distinctive feature of iLynx 3 is to be a perfect companion for either desktop or portable. Hubs usually fall into two categories, those self-perpetuating from computer port and those that also require an electrical outlet while iLynx 3 can be used in both ways. Simply plug into the USB socket will only mobile 3.0, while on a desktop we will also connect the AC adapter (supplied) to gain more power and stability.

Using it with a laptop, so no power supply, the power is reduced to 900 mA, but I found no obvious differences in the speed test I conducted on various connected devices. For example with an SSD in a external case via USB 3.0 I got the same read/write values with or without direct feeding. Are not very high speeds for an SSD, but the drive to have this performance after a few years of use.

Always without power I tried to saturate all ports with USB 3.0 hard disk and pendrive and, using them all together, I had no problems. The only drawback is that the doors are very harsh and insert the connectors is not always easy. Probably will soften but right now we need to push and that’s a problem if you have pendrive with concealed connection as the Lexar Jumpdrive here reviewed, because if you do not supports the encompassed within the plugin mechanism.

Note that the rightmost door says 10W to indicate the high amperage (2.1 in). This can also be used to recharge an iPad, and it’s something I don’t have all the hubs. The non-slip rubber base is triangular shaped, so as to slightly raise the front and easier access to ports.


If you use a Mac and appreciated the design of Apple computers, could hardly be indifferent to Moshi iLynx 3.0. Is a very elegant HUB and built with quality materials and meticulous finish, which plays perfectly his duty both in mobility with a desktop computer. It also has an advanced device security chip that prevents possible damage during operation. In Italy the Distributor is Micro Blitz, while the HUB can be purchased on the always reliable Our site to 65.80 €. The price is the third negative, because it certainly is pretty high, but after trying it I have no doubt that there is any quality. And style also has its value.