Music Streaming in Comparison

It sounds too tempting: 40 million music tracks, and all are just a few clicks away. But music streaming are suitable for HiFi discerning ears? stereoplay has exactly belongs and the well-known providers compared.

  1. Music streaming in comparison
  2. Music streaming: Qobuz and tidal
  3. Music streaming: Spotify and Deezer

“Are you still buying or stream you already?” This is a matter of principle, with which every music lover should currently may even employ. Since music is not more necessarily dependent on a phonogram, their marketing is changing. Established channels, which are above all the CD, us certainly still get some time, but with new possibilities, new business models emerge. First download portals providing fresh wind in the music business, now back streaming services in the focus of attention. But what, exactly, is streaming?

In principle, “Music streaming” means nothing more than the direct transmission of music by using network technology. In contrast to download music this is not completely transferred, before it is rendered, but is played directly at the store. It is obvious that you need very stable data connections for it. In the home network, this is easily achievable. Streaming music from online portals, especially during mobile use, but was really interesting with better Internet connections.

Unique numbers

A half-yearly report by the Bundesverband music industry e. V.-created according to streaming services have almost doubled 2016 their market share with 24.4 percent compared to the previous year and significantly ahead of downloads that provide additional 14 percent of total sales.

Impressive numbers, showing that already comes from the German music market to 40 per cent without phonogram. The digitization is in full swing! Reason enough to take the streaming providers more closely scrutinized. The market is still in motion; stereoplay, the provider has picked, which either already more successfully to assert themselves or deliver quality hi-fi.

Many similarities

Basically, there are no great differences between the streaming services apart from the offered audio quality. Such large music catalogues with 30-40 million titles to offer, all with the three major labels (Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment) work together. They almost completely cover the mainstream taste. As far then the Repertoire in yet addition goes, depends on which of the smaller record companies won a service for himself. Can find the best during the free trial period offered by each streaming portal.

Access is either via a Web browser or using an access software, usually for all popular devices (smartphones, tablets and computers) and operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows etc.) is available. As for online services, you must register and login before you can get started with the stream.

As more and more HiFi devices offer direct access to streaming services, you can browse without going through a computer or a smart phone in the huge music catalogues. Try it out!


That Qobuz this year on the HIGH END in Munich with a booth was present, shows which target group has French music provider in its sights. Since the start of 2008 was the offer always the best audio quality. More than 45,000 albums in HiRes, hand-picked music suggestions and a magazine with lavish, editorially edited content to convince especially discerning music lovers.

Qobuz offers streaming and downloads; so at any time, you have the ability to buy the music belonged directly. by 2015, the service had to overcome a financial bottleneck and currently focuses on Western Europe. The offer has the combination of download and streaming portal and a look into the future. The name comes from a traditional instrument from Central Asia and Kazakhstan.


Also tidal sees itself, just like Qobuz as premium service provider and media as ‘Music service owned by artists’ markets. Aspiro, a Scandinavian media technology company that had operated in Europe since the beginning of 2010 the music streaming service WiMP (wireless music player) and as an offer for the North American market has tidal.

There went the service end of 2014 at the start, soon took over the entire company Z however the Rapper Jay, brought together WiMP and tidal and participated in several renowned artists. As a result, a sustainable business model to ensure “by artists for artists”.

Tidal touts as a premium supplier with the best sound quality, premium coverage and access to exclusive content. In addition cooperate tidal and roon. The offer is worth a try.


The stag under the streaming service is Spotify. There is a Swedish music service since October 2008. He gained great popularity by offering free Base: who makes minimal demands on audio quality and accepts advertising, can access free of charge on about 30 million music tracks. That Spotify could lure now about 100 million registered users, about a third are paying customers with a premium subscription. Encoded data reduces in Vorbis, a patent free MP3 alternative.

Spotify aims clearly at the mass market. Therefore, above all the big manufacturers support the service in their devices, shy away from cooperation with the Sweden sometimes smaller producers because of the license conditions. Who wants to talk to on the subject of music streaming, will get around to Spotify.


Deezer is one of the worst competitor of Spotify leader probably. In August 2007, so still a good year before the Sweden, the platform took up their duties and at that time was the first offer, which allowed for a free access to his repertoire. Deezer pursued an aggressive expansion strategy and is currently available in more than 180 countries. Nevertheless, China, Japan and India, what is different, though the competition are missing. So far, only Apple music could conquer this difficult markets.

With about six million paying customers, about a third of the total clientele of the paid offer better audio quality uses even at Deezer. One exclusive cooperation is currently with Sonos: with an elite subscription can you on Sonos devices music CD-quality stream, otherwise you have to settle with MP3.