Network Player Sonos Bundle BU 150

It’s been over four years that AUDIO on the international radio exhibition visited a small, almost tiny booth. There is a new streaming concept Sonos proudly presented, called. The editors were impressed right off the bat. And are there still.

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American Hellish cooperation, namely time and again manages to surprise with improvements. The new Bundle BU 150, consisting of from the ZonePlayer 90 (individually 350 euros), the ZonePlayer 120 (with a built-in amplifier, 500 euro) and the appropriate controller (400 euros), is to distinguish externally little from the previous package BU 130 (test in AUDIO 5/08).

Inside but Sonos has missed some great new features and above all a faster wireless network his players, comparable with the Wi-Fi standard 802. 11n, theoretically up to 250 megabits per second achieved and practically achieved a throughput of at least 76 Mbps.

However, the Sonos system with Wi-Fi works. The player with each other build their own Wireless network that becomes greater and more resilient, more area players are involved.

Therefore, one of the players (or the optional Sonus bridge) via Ethernet cable to the LAN must hang and connect to the Internet. From there he provides the other clients via air bridge with music from the hard drive in the PC, on a NAS, a Web radio station listed in the Sonos service, stations or by service providers like Napster, which offer music subscriptions.

As a network player, the Sonos players are downright awesome. The intuitive operation is second to none, the controller is superb and the playback (especially with FLAC) to the audio convincing reference system – lively, dynamic, tonally clean. Especially since the ZP 90 via digital output by an outboard D/A converter can be spice it up. The Sonos concept is cooler than ever thanks to the new option of operation via iPod.


Who has met the Sonos system, would not miss it. Also in the AUDIO Forum will discuss diligently. The new players are absolutely recommended – the ZP 90 is even better than its predecessor.

Sonos Bundle BU 150

Manufacturer Sonos
Price €1000.00
Rating 100.0 points
Test procedure 1.0




Technical data and test results

Dimension 13.6 x 7.4 x 14.0 cm
Weight 0.7 kg
Input RCA (number) (1)
Output RCA (number) (1)
Input of digital opt. / coax / HDMI / /
Digital output opt. / coax /
Sound via HDMI
Balanced outputs
Image music Server
Output video (number) (0)
Output S-video (number) (0)
YUV output / HDMI /
Wi-Fi / Wi-Fi encryption /
USB (number) (0)
Memory card slot
Type of memory card
required server Any (sufficient SMB / CIFS shares on the NAS or PC)
Display / color display /
Resolution 0 x 0 PX
Remote control / Adaptive /
Display / system /
Operating modes
Playback album / playlist /
Operation on the device
Display CD text
Internet radio / Vorgespeicherte stations (Internet radio) /
FM radio / station memory / 0
CD database
Data formats FLAC, ALAC, WAV, MP3, WMA, AAC, Ogg, audible
Video formats
Audio CD / DVD /
maximum sampling frequency 48
Very comfortable, easy handling, great sound
CD quality sound 100
Sound data reduced 0
Operation outstanding
Processing Very good
Facilities Very good
Sound judgment well over 100
Price / performance Very good
tested in issue: 1 / 09