New Service Vodafone Maximum Speed

Within the rates to speak and surf, increasingly, part of data takes on greater importance when assessing what tariff chosen by what the latest operators tend to be focused on this aspect with the launch of a greater variety of extra bonuses and in this sense becomes the latest novelty of Vodafone.

A from now, even if customers continue to see reduced speed by default if you exceed your rate data, with the new service maximum speed Vodafone, optionally may request that instead you can continue to surf without speed restriction by 2 euros each 200 MB.

The maximum speed will be available for activation from December 18 and 200 MB blocks be renewed automatically as they are running up to a monthly maximum of 2 GB (20 euro) additional to your rate, time in which speed is reduced to 32 Kbps while not recruit a bonus of extra data that will continue to be available as usual.

In this way, the maximum service speed It is in practice a discount of the price of the bond extra but that only applies to the more sighted that have activated the service previously. Customer can activate and deactivate the service as many times as you wish free of charge.

This service will be available for contract users (individuals, freelancers and company) both in mobile current rates such as Base (excluding basis voice), Smart, network and yuser besides for mobile Internet rates aimed at those who are connected from computer or tablet.

A concept which premiered Orange with excess 1 euro each 100 MB but simpler than the newly presented by Suop with their bonds of reserve and whose purpose is to sail at full speed without the high cost that can reach pay excess data by default which usually is located in 3.63 cents/MB (3.60 euros each 100 MB)