Nokia 6600 Slide

The moderate without binding contract 269 euro expensive 6600 slide makes in his chic outfit on piece of jewelry. So comes the compact UMTS slider with a battery cover made of metal, a glossy front and a gently rounded housing.

When operating, it is therefore ergonomically perfect in the hand. However, it reveals every little touch in the form of ugly lichen fingerprints – so meticulous users must often swing the cleaning cloth.

Compensated for the consistently good workmanship: the Slidermechanik makes a stable impression and annoying creaking noise are starting with enormous pressure to elicit the phone. Only the display cover has been somewhat thin, so that unsightly color moire points quite fast the screen when touching.

Small buttons

Also the keyboard of the 6600 can not completely convincing. In direct comparison with the 3600 slide the buttons are smaller and offer significantly less pronounced pressure points – they are not much better than the evil reviled keypad of Sony Ericsson G705.

Also, side buttons for volume control and launch the 3.2 – megapixel camera lacks the 6600 slide – that is also equal to a few points, because to achieve these functions, the user must take every time going through the menu.

This in turn there to complain about anything, because here there is the strict Regiment of Nokia’s proven Series 40 platform – and has to offer the slider so the user easily finds all the functions.

Round multimedia

As a nice gimmick, a gentle tap of the quad band mobile phones also enough to mute Flash calls or the sound of an alarm. Looking at the list of equipment has the 6600 as knotless multimedia phone. So dominates the UMTS model about video calling and the camera will record videos in VGA resolution.

These eight games are complemented by including classics like Tetris, golf, Sudoku or backgammon. Up to date remains the user, however, the FM radio or good HTML browser. An E-Mail client is also on board such as Nokia maps, which can provide in connection with an optional Bluetooth receiver for an active route guidance.

Praise earned the 6600 also during music playback. Here Nokia attaches the in-ear headset WH-501 to the slider that comes with a wired remote for the micro-USB connector and offers buttons for volume, the track search and playback. The headphones to the 3.5 mm jack is connection.

Sonically, the musical duo with a strong play in the basses and a balanced mid-range / high-frequency range – convinced otherwise as many of my colleagues in the music phone test.

Poor reception in the laboratory

It until then went very well for the 6600, it had to accept a bitter shock in the laboratory. When the transmitter and receiver measurements in the D – and UMTS network, the Nokia delivered a more than disappointing performance; the slider with the note verbale prevented a worse overall “good” only in the E-network.

However, D-net users should purchase good superior, because in rural areas was relatively early in the practice test layer in the shaft. This shortcoming cost the 6600 then also a top position, because in the remaining lab ratings, Nokia gave no nakedness.

So is the standby time in GSM mode with up to 13 days at a proper level, the talk time is just under seven hours in the E net more than alright. UMTS swabs are used naturally accept. This can convince the clear and balanced acoustics during the phone call.

Nokia 6600 slide

Manufacturer Nokia
Price €199.00
Rating 325.0 points
Test procedure 1.0