Nokia’s First Android Smartphone Will Be Soon a Reality

Nokia-smartphones with Android as the operating system may soon be a reality, after Microsoft, Nokia and two other companies have entered into a new agreement.

Since Microsoft bought Nokia’s mobile unit in 2014, it has been a matter of fact, that there is no need to produce Nokia-smartphones from the remains of the Finnish producer before 4. quarter of 2016 as part of the contract with Microsoft.

This particular contract was also the reason why the tablet Nokia n1 was the company’s debut product on Android platform rather than a smartphone.

Now, however, it lasts not long before the contract belongs up, where Nokia smartphones with Android can become a reality. An agreement between Microsoft, Nokia Technologies, the production company Foxconn and a Finnish company called HMD global is for fallen in place, which makes it possible for Nokia to get smartphone-comeback with Android as the operating system. It writes in a Nokia press release.

Be continued by new Finnish company Nokia-people in charge

The agreement between the four Parties means that the new, Finnish company HMD global with older Nokia senior managers and employees in charge of taking Microsoft’s Department for the so-called feature phones (cheap phones with buttons), while the production Department for these phones have just been sold to company FIH for 2.3 billion. Crowns.

Immediately sounds FIH unknown, but it is a subsidiary of the huge Taiwanese company that produces electronics for most producers, as Foxconn.

Just as it has in the past been on speech will Nokia now license its brand, but also some of its patents are awarded the Finnish company HMD global. The agreement covers not only the production of the cheap feature phones, but also-more interesting-smartphones and tablets.

It is repeatedly seen that familiar brands licensed out to unknown, Chinese producers, there never will be any success-here include Alcatel and Philips. Nokia Technologies will, however, do it differently through agreement with HMD global. Where HMD global comes to stand for the entire production of its upcoming feature phones, smartphones and tablets, Nokia will still have a finger in the game in the development of the products.

Nokia has for one seat in HMD global’s Board of Directors, to ensure that the upcoming Nokia products must undergo “mandatory requirements related to fire and performance”, so it can be taken to ensure that the high quality known from Nokia’s products deliver on. At the same time, there are investereret of 3.3 billion. dollars to marketing over the next three years, so it is hardly unlikely that Nokia will one day return to the tv screen and at bus stops.

When it is so precisely is going to happen is not yet clear. In any case, it will be interesting to see if Nokia’s smartphones can be resurrected.