Onkyo DV-BD 606

The Onkyo not only outwardly resembles the FUNAI player

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You ever at all identical – the – lid, the obvious relationship of the three player jumps forward outright. Identical triplets of the switching power supply via the electrolytic capacitors over on the drive up there to the digital Board.

Onkyo and FUNAI have used the same graphics toolkit for the operating menu and only changed the size a bit. The functionality is almost identical for all players. But there are a few small differences in the gene pool: the Onkyo plays any DivX videos no WMA, Philips, the FUNAI no CEC over HDMI (the communication channel between player and TV and AV receiver). The Ethernet port and the BD profile 2.0, to be fit for “BD-Live” is also missing all three. Who would like to download additional material to a purchased Blu ray disc from the Internet or participate in online games, should look so for another device. Still, the offer of “BD-live” features is relatively manageable.

No HD decoder

All three players to natively output DTS HD Master signals just as Bitstream over HDMI. PCM over HDMI or even an analog multi channel output (conceivable in theory only at the Philips) is not possible because of missing decoders. In these cases, the data reduced DTS-surround-core is then decoded – and thus sound quality is lost can be heard. Owners of older AV receiver without suitable DTS-HD decoder would miss something so clearly.

The second high resolution audio format that Blu-ray is found on one – Dolby TrueHD – is the Onkyo and the FUNAI also not decoded, but only the compressed Dolby Digital version processed.

Hearing test

The most exciting question but arose in the hearing test: the family resemblance should win again? The same one the three players actually like an egg?

First of all Yes. When the analog stereo reproduction, the differences were very hard to guess – and even harder to divide “better” or “worse”. A surprisingly good figure and appearance compared with the pioneer, an almost lively acting – whether with pop music or classical recordings managed all three.

About the digital coax output to the Data reduction soundtrack of a DVD, the Onkyo with a powerful bass and much details seemed to play, followed by a very prominent Philips and a slightly otherworldly FUNAI forward. HD playback as Bitstream over HDMI, the Philips to the top – with the more natural, dynamic sound to the Onkyo past Pushed but then.

But beware – it doesn’t mean much. Because the tonal differences could be one on a normal scattering of the series, on the other hand the ear occasionally tends to focus – especially if the sound is very similar to the smallest nuances. Especially as a plant would be necessary for distinctness in this tiny stages, twenty times exceeding player prices easily. The differences are so negligible – and all three players true Funais.

Onkyo DV BD 606

Manufacturer Onkyo
Price €600.00
Rating 88.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Width 43.5 cm
Height 8.3 centimeters
Depth 35.9 cm
Weight 4.1 kg
DVD-audio / SACD – /
Blu-ray / HD-DVD / –
HD-R / HD-RW / Java – / – / –
BSD version 1.1
Copy protection: Key2Audio / Cactus / doc loc – / – / –
Output of Dolby TrueHD, analog / PCM / Bitstream / /
Output DTS-HD analog / PCM / Bitstream / /
Output of digital 96 kHz Yes
Playback MP3 /.
Playing MP3 / JPEG / WMA /. / / /
extended color space extended
CEC support
AUDIO outputs analog RCA / 5.1 / 7.1 / /
Digital Cinchoptisch / HDMI Yes /. / (1.3A)
Video outputs SCART / RCA / Hosiden /. / /
Ethernet / USB /
Solid player with good picture and good sound
No analog multichannel outputs, no HD decoder
Sound CD 80
Sound surround 75
Sound HDMI very good 90
HD picture quality 125
Picture quality DVD Top 90
Equipment well
Operation Very good
Processing well
Sound judgment very good 88
Predicate 4 ears
Price / performance Very good
tested in issue: 1 / 09