Onkyo TX SR 706 AV Receiver

The Onkyo TX SR 706 for 800 euros with shines for its price range of very on less audio and video processing.

  1. Onkyo TX SR 706 AV receiver
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When almost the same Surround prozessor and digital video Board in the larger TX SR 806 (12/08) earned it respect, you deserve all respect in the RX V 706.

Again, two DSPs endeavour inter alia to the THX processing including a new loudness function. And again, a high-calibre FLI 30336 by Genesis/Faroudja brings together line by line, more elaborate taking account of movements to new images.

Still she can scale too with HDMI input signals or attach a la “contrast” and “Hue” video fine adjustments.

The limitations: It was now at four instead of five HDMI inputs. Also, the TX-SR 706 converts old video but still on HDMI high, he converted but no more back and forth between analog formats.

That the smaller Onkyo instead of two has only a (not disturbing) fan, will feel the music lover as an advantage. As well, that the TX-SR 706 CD playback not so over agitator-acts like the 806, but rather moderate calmly and smoothly. Maybe a little too good, for an even better touch the bass should have come gnarled and piano tones funkelnder something.

The moves, said then but appreciative at the outdated surround – also when he appeared at Dolby Digital times almost gruff.

At DTS, the Onkyo that built all the plastic about Medeski drums; I love how he left thrash drummer, angry E-bass and shred the Hohner organ.

With even more momentum, the TX-SR 706 in the HD world rushed to join then such as Peter of Gabriel’s “Solsbury Hill” (DTS-HD Demo) its limits.

The tester raunten “Be careful, boy”. Instead of getting away discreetly to duck, began to rumble bottom 706 prefer something.

Any Uncultivated but disappeared with external front amplifiers. The Onkyo must not be so to the debate, even if it was not quite enough to the high-end accolade.

Onkyo TX SR 706

Manufacturer Onkyo
Price €800.00
Rating 46.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Surround formats
Headphone surround
HDCD playback
Virtual surround
Decoder for HD formats
Genus (REC / GM / input.)
Remote control
On-screen menu
Lip sync
Lip sync description
Equalizer manual
Power amplifiers, number
Video standards converter
Video adjustment
Description video adjustment
Switched network jacks
Autom. Calibration
AV connectors
Digital inputs RCA / front
Optical digital inputs / front
Digital inputs HDMI / HDMI Front Version summer
Digital output HDMI
Digital RCA outputs
Optical digital outputs
USB ports front / rear
i-pod connection
Networking description
Multi channel input
Recording outputs audio
Headphone Jack
Preamp output
Laboratory data
True sine wave power stereo 8 Ohms
True sine wave power stereo 4 Ohms
Music power stereo 8 Ohms
Music performance stereo 4 Ohms
RMS power 5-channel 8 Ohms
RMS power 5-Channel 4 ohm
Music performance 5-Channel 4 ohm
Music performance 5-channel 8 Ohms
RMS power 5-Channel 4 ohm
Music performance 7-Channel 4 ohm
Music performance 7-channel 8 Ohms
HiFi output power 4 ohm
effective pulse power front 4 ohm
effective pulse power 4 ohm Center
effective pulse power 4 ohm surround
maximum output voltage Z1
maximum output voltage Z2
maximum output voltage Z3
Number of appropriate channels
Surround RMS power 8 ohm stp
Surround RMS power 4 ohm stp
Surround RMS power 8 ohm stp
Surround RMS power 4 ohm stp
Noise line
Multi channel input noise
Noise phono MM
Noise phono standard system
Noise phono MC
Digital noise
Front noise ProLogic
Noise ProLogic Center
Power consumption standby / operating
Network connection
Short conclusion His special praise picked up the TX-SR 706 for his impressive, powerful reproduction of the old surround formats. To do so, he brings the best and edit also HDMI inputs video electronics.
Sound Top-class
Sound points stereo
(maximum 70 points)
Surround sound points
(maximum 70 points)
Sound points HD
(maximum 70 points
Measured values
(maximum 10 points)
(max. 15 points)
(maximum 10 points)
Overall rating (70 points) Top-class 46
Price / performance Very good
tested in issue: 1 / 09