Only 9.7% of Devices Android Are Updated to Lollipop

This month Google did us not wait long to offer the distribution of Android versions that I have just begun a few days ago. We have just come out of the oven new statistics which have been made with Android devices that have been connected to Google Play in the last seven days, ending the collection of data on May 4.

The novelty that we find new data over the last month is that two versions of Android Lollipop win market share, something that was expected to happen already to be the most recent versions of the operating system. Many devices are already upgrading to Lollipop and new devices that were put on sale a few weeks ago come standard updated.

As we see in the statistics Android Lollipop passes from 5.4% to the current 9,7%. Specifically Android 5.0 spends 5% to 9% and Android 5.1 0.4% to 0.7%. In a month it has almost doubled its penetration in the market, although it is still very low.

Other versions lose market share, and this month for the first time makes it Android 4.4 KitKat, which goes from 41.4% to 39.8%. All three versions of Android Jelly Bean pass from 40.7% to 39.2%, Android Ice Cream Sandwich goes from 5.7% to 5.3%, 6.4% Ginberbread 5.7%, and finally we see as Froyo becomes after several months stalled 0,4% 0,3%.