Our Site Fire TV: App Now Available for iphone and ipad

When our site introduced its streaming box fire TV in 2014, many fire and flame were even Apple fans. Set otherwise known due to better integration in the Apple universe rather on the Apple TV. The test of fire TV showed that our site’s box has some advantages: A greater app selection, voice control and play Android games on TV has convinced many Apple disciples. Stick the fire TV, as well as the not yet available in Germany fire TV are not without reason a sales hit. Owners of Android smartphones already since November 2014 control during their fire TV app, ios users were so far out. Now is the app is now available for iphone and ipad available.

Download: download Our site Fire TV remote Control for itunes
Download: download Our site Fire TV remote Control in the Play Store

Fast connection

Also keeps the app on iphone and ipad the appearance clearly based on Android, the operating principle is also the same. No wonder: The app was already very intuitively usable for Android, on ios devices, this is no different. To connect app and device, the device must be located only on the same network. The app then detects the fire TV or the fire TV stick and connects automatically. The user must confirm the pairing only by entering the code.

Set-top-box Our site fire TV

Almost full-featured remote control plus keyboard

Both devices are connected, the app offers almost all features of the supplied remote control. By wipe and touch you maneuver through the menu, activate the voice control, by pulling down the microphone icon. Next is the icon to open the keyboard. It is one of the special strengths of the app, because text input is reasonably possible with the remote control only via voice control. The media playback controls are somewhat hidden: only when you pull the control bar below, you will receive the familiar buttons for start, pause and the forward and backward.

Great app with less weakness

Who finds the remote control repeatedly or like typing text instead of using the voice control, is so perfectly served by the app. Everyone else should try it at least once. Yet it is probably not a complete replacement of the keyboard for many users, games can be fact not on the application. Our site points the remote controller or the controller separately available in the app description on it, for it to use.

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