Overview: the May New Phones, OnePlus 3 on Its Way

Here you get an overview of the most important news from the week that was

Although summer is washed into Denmark over the last week, there is still a high activity in the mobile market, with a number of great launches this month from Huawei, Sony and HTC. Read all about the phones below and see when you can get them.

These mobiles are coming in may
The month of may offers a trio of news from China’s Huawei and new X-model from Sony.

Huawei offers free VIP-service for P9-buyers
If you buy Huawei latest flagship, the company now offers 3 year extended warranty as well as a free monitor switch in case of accident.

Here are the prices at Sony’s Xperia X-series
Now there come price on Sony’s topmobil for 2016, Xperia X Performance. It will be available from July.

Top 10 smartphones in april
These phones are the most searched on our site in the month of april

The Chinese mobile operator also brews at a new flagship, OnePlus 3, which again this time to bet on near top performance at an unbeatable price.

Rumor: OnePlus 3 will be cheaper than OnePlus 2
The rumors intensified, as we come closer to a possible launch of OnePlus 3-the relatively new, Chinese company’s next top model.

Rumor: OnePlus 3 get Super AMOLED screen and larger battery
One would not think that OnePlus ‘ phones can be much cheaper, but now it is reported that OnePlus 3 gets a lower price than the current OnePlus 2.

Microsoft offered this week at a milestone, with a successor to the defunct Lumia 520 as the most widely used Windows phone. Thus is the way paved for a wider dissemination of Windows 10. Microsoft, pulling at the same time in a different direction by soon to loop the offer of a free Windows 10 upgrade.

Microsoft’s most popular mobile is no longer from 2013
Nokia Lumia 520 have ruled as the most widely used Windows Mobile in three years. Now it is finally over.

Soon end with free upgrade to Windows 10
A year has passed since the release of Windows 10 soon, and therefore, you must remember to upgrade your PC before the 29. July, if you want the upgrade for free.
Huawei Mate 8: great phone with long standby time [TESTING]
Big screen, fast processor and a long standby time. It sounds like a success, however, is the large size that comes with, a problem?