OWC USB-C Dock Designed for MacBook

Now a few months passed from when we looked at some of the best USB hub-C on the market designed for mobility. The MacBook, however, may be the only computer for those who do not have needs too advanced in terms of performance, managing to go occasionally also in photo editing, Assembly video and more. Certainly not his favorite areas of work, but will not leave us walk when we need. If the size is a big advantage in mobility, the desktop is easy to want something more. And not just in terms of the display but also, and especially, for connections. Some USB hubs-C seen so far are holding up fairly well the workload, but are born for a purpose “nomad” and is also known for the fact that they own a small USB-C integrated, which does not take them too far from the MacBook. The most comprehensive and professional, instead, is to OWC, and of recognized quality.

OWC USB-C Dock is the most comprehensive hub for MacBook, and his vocation is very clear as it is even made in the typical colours of this computer. I have sent in proof that golden, silver, but not really suitable for testing purposes the MacBook pairing is irrelevant. Aesthetically and structurally resembles very much the Thunderbolt 2 Dock in the same House (review), but is much more compact.

The quality of the Assembly remains a highlight, as is the sober, the metal frame and the elegant glossy black finish top. Before we find a SD reader, a headphone outputs (or speaker) and a USB high capacity 3.1, which can also be used to charge devices more expensive energy. On the back are the remaining doors, including three other USB standard format 3.1 (a high capacity), two USB-C 3.1 (one for connection to the Mac and one for other devices), Gigabit Ethernet (which does not require the installation of driver), HDMI with support up to 4 k and power connector.

I got the idea to hide the Dock under the desk, so you see only one yarn over it but the USB-C is rather short. We must therefore buy one more generous dimensions if you plan to place the hub a little further away from the MacBook, or use the white one provided by Apple computer. In all cases behind the monitor and, if you wish, you will see the wires. I have a bit of a stretch to put him through the wringer, so you’ll see and like in my images, but consider that this situation limit where I used almost all the ports available.

Even so the Dock has held up well and, unlike other products that are more compact, this has never led to a disconnect when crossed. The only downside a little typical of all hubs, is that some powered devices left connected without the computer, may not be recognized at the first shot when reconnect the Dock. It doesn’t happen always, and requires that these remain there for some time, but still results in a moment by removing and putting back the device cable remained silent.

The 3 USB ports-in retrospect are arranged vertically, so you will not encounter problems even with generous sized dongle, as you can very well see in the image. I also found quite rational placing of connections that allow you to have the clean face almost always, since it could hardly leave the headphones or a SD always entered and the three USB ports-in the back are sufficient on average for the rest.


The OWC USB-C Dock is the most expensive among those tested, but it is also the only one with all these ports and a high quality power management. If you just need to connect any device to your MacBook, there are more practical and economic solutions, like the Hoo Too Shuttle (review), but if you plan to create a permanent location on your desk, this hub conquers all. Not only offers many more ports, including audio, video, ethernet and a USB-C in cascade, but also offers a stability that I have not found anywhere else. In the report the best buy link, I am very glad I found the site Nampabuyer.com with a new graphics and a better experience when ordering, as well as the traditionally excellent before and after sales and a catalogue that remains the most interesting for professionals in Italy close to the Apple world. Here the OWC USB-C Dock is sold at 193,20€, which is already less than the average price of Amazon, also were granted a small additional discount for readers of Wisely, which may save 10 € by entering code OWC-USBC-DOCK in cart (valid until 31 August).