Pioneer BDP-LX 91

Enjoy PIO-neer currently most expensive player at the thickest and 2400 euro obligation to include top feeling.

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Alone the massive, shiny black casing can chuckle about design friends and not quite by accident fits the appearance of current plasma-screen TVs. Who then takes the double-walled housing apart, reveling in a welter of material. The thick toroidal transformer could propel even an amplifier, and the discrete analog audio Board shows off with eight D/A converters by Wolfson for multichannel output. Anyway you must strive really, to find a fly in the ointment of the equipment at the pioneer. He offers BD-live, dominated all digital and analogue video game types and features two HDMI ports, which can be operated even parallel. With one small caveat: The “Sub” output will HD sound only in the 48_kHz two-channel Downmix. But there is this small, telltale logo, this “DTS-HD advanced digital out” again. We know what it means: DTS-HD Master audio data tracks go lossless only via HDMI to the receiver. Yes, the chipset from the LX_71 inside the LX_91 as it were without DTS-HD decoder (AUDIO 9/08). But of course received big brother still some finishing touches: video signals are extrapolated from their native 8-bit resolution on 16 bit.

Thus, displays, which tolerate this resolution, with even more color information can be. Pioneer-chip tuned a Marvell Qdeo processor joins also, equipped with various talents, to the worst enemy of the Blu-ray disc, digital noise, kill to make. Also the audio section is not too short. With the “Precision Quartz Lock System” of LX_91, as even the LX_71 by a matching pioneer receiver via HDMI interface in the elite beat of a CD containable and reduces jitter by audibly (see test in AUDIO 1/09).

Pioneer BDP LX 91

Manufacturer Pioneer
Price €2400.00
Rating 105.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Width 42.0 cm
Height 14.3 cm
Depth 36.5 cm
Weight 14.3 kg
DVD-audio / SACD – /
Blu-ray / HD-DVD / –
HD-R / HD-RW / Java – / – / –
BSD version 1.1 (2.0 to update)
Copy protection: Key2Audio / Cactus / doc loc – / – / –
Output of Dolby TrueHD, analog / PCM / Bitstream / /
Output DTS-HD analog / PCM / Bitstream / /
Output of digital 96 kHz Yes
Playback MP3 /.
Playing MP3 / JPEG / WMA /. / / /
extended color space YUV
CEC support
AUDIO outputs analog RCA / 5.1 / 7.1 / /
Digital Cinchoptisch / HDMI – / / (1.3A)
Video outputs SCART / RCA / Hosiden /. / /
Ethernet / USB / –
Analog multi channel outputs, best picture, great HD sound
Outputs DTS-HD Master audio via Bitstream only
Sound CD 100
Sound surround 85
Sound HDMI well over 95
HD picture quality 150
Picture quality DVD Reference class 110
Equipment Very good
Operation Very good
Processing outstanding
Sound judgment outstanding 105
Predicate 5 ears
Price / performance ueberraged
tested in issue: 2 / 09