PlayStation 4: the Remote Play Will Be Also Works on IOS and Android

Sony has begun by a few hours the rollout of the update that brings the Playstation 4 firmware to version 3.50 and among the various news update includes support for Remote Play on both PC and Mac .

Rumors however indicate that in future Sony might bring an interesting feature on mobile devices based on iOS and Android. The rumor comes directly from YouTube and more precisely by the user Dustin Turner who published on their channel a tube of approximately 40 seconds showing us the option inherent in the iOS version of Playstation Remote Play App. It seems, however, that this option may result in complete failure of the application.

Of course right now we don’t know if the video recently released corresponds to reality, could indeed be easy fitted, therefore we invite everyone to consider what has just been reported as a simple rumor, pending new details from Sony.

It is important to emphasize that the remote play is already available on mobile devices of the Xperia line, so Sony might actually consider the possibility of bringing the interesting feature on iOS and Android-based smartphones and tablets.

Please note that the update 3.50 to Playstation 4, besides including support for Remote Play on both PC and Mac, will allow users to schedule challenges with friends, all backed by the presence of notifications can constantly update the player on what has been requested by users in the buddy list, providing the opportunity to respond immediately.