Prices 5 Nexus with Yoigo

February comes with a pleasant surprise in the catalogue of smartphones of Yoigo with the incorporation of the Nexus 5 in its 16 GB version It will come with a subsidy of up to 100 euros with the infinite rates.

The Nexus 5 manufactured by LG is the last device on Google that stands out above all by two particularities: always has the latest updates to Android and its good relationship quality price whose specifications include 4G connectivity, 4.95 inch screen with resolution of 445 ppi, Snapdragon 800 four-core processor with 2 GB of RAM, and 8 megapixel camera.

At the moment, the only Nexus 5 is located in Yoigo with payment of 10 euros with VAT included (except the zero and infinite 15 which is 15 euros per month) according to the chosen tariff that must be maintained during 24 months of permanence. Then we leave you with all the details of what you will end up paying really taking into account the VAT both in down payment and monthly dues that include the terminal, payment of the fee by installment payment and service: