Robot USB Hub with 4 Ports

IOGEAR USB Hub for your local network

Coincidences in life, this new accessory for IOGEAR networks is what you had been looking for for a couple of weeks, a port USB hub that can connect to a WiFi router and be able to share any device, be it a camera, printer, or the pile of hard drives that I have.

IOGEAR launches this hub which does exactly this, with three USB connections more rear a front and an ethernet port, which would go to your router can connect to any peripheral without being forward.

Brando, the store that has almost everything in gadgets that you never buy in a normal store, comes with another one of those products that seem unnecessary but that seem interesting. The new pad with ventilation for laptops, but not a typical one, something smaller for netbooks.

If so, leave it on a pad with fan, it is rather short, so they have added everything that happened to them by the head. Includes a dock to connect hard disks 2.5 inch and three USB 2.0 ports.

For a ridiculous $33 who refuses?

You have a computer with 4 USB ports but the numbers you do not close because you have digital camera, mobile phone charger, 4 controls to play 2 vs 2 Winning Eleven with your friends, the digital frame and some junk food more than they need the energy of your ports.

What is the solution? This great company eusbhubs USB Hub which will be released in Japan the coming month has no less than 10 USB ports. The U2H-Z10S luckily you can buy online from Geek Stuff 4 U.