Samsung Boasts Features Software with Its New Galaxy Note 4

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is on merit device star from Samsung, so it is logical that the Koreans want to boast with a device that, within its line of continuity, is a very good update for one of the best Android devices from 2013.

Note 4 has already reached South Korea, its official in Spain on October 17 launch, expected at a price still we do not know.

While we await by the assay background and the launch of the terminal, Samsung has wanted that Let’s get started with several videos which shows the main features the terminal software.

Above all, they have emphasized in those options that differ to a Galaxy Note of any other smartphone on the market, relating to the S-Pen and multitasking capabilities in which the Koreans have worked very well since they launched their first Note four years ago.

So, you can see first-hand the new characteristics of the doubly sensitive stylus designed by Samsung with Wacom; as well as innovative options multi-view of the new Korean phablet, which with function pop up screen, for example, will reduce any application to a window by dragging from the upper right corner towards the center of the screen simply.

Here itself we leave both videos, but not before you encourage that take them out, if only to see the enormous possibilities that can take you to a large screen as any current high-end smartphone: