Samsung Focuses on Games with Galaxy S7

One of the features of the new Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge that we showed in this week about gaming. Samsung has worked with partners and developers being able to integrate not only an excellent hardware but also software unique features that allow you to express the best smartphone’s graphics capabilities.

The combination of technology and gaming is increasingly crucial for consumers seeking gaming experiences on the border with the reality in which to feel part of the adventure and live it at 360°. Gaming-related applications are today the most popular and downloaded all over the world: they are about 500 million *people who routinely log on to gaming content. Represents a widespread cultural phenomenon, especially among Millennials ** (75% vs men 25% women) highlighting consumer habits and consequently the preferences of younger generations.

To address this growing trend, Samsung evolves its technology support API Vulkan and beyond.

Among the new features on the new models of the Galaxy series is Game Launcher, defined by Samsung-the best control center for games never seen before on a smartphone – which allows the device to set gaming mode, increasing performance.

Thanks to Game Launcher games are automatically collected in a single folder immediately after the download and before you start playing, you canset the saving, make quiet and hide all notifications such as emails, messages, calls to avoid they can pester the gaming session; only if you wish, you can always respond.

In addition, all fans of video games will have unique features such as video recording that allows you to capture and share their real-time and triumphs.

“With Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge representing our top of the line and combining sleek design and advanced features we want to continue and accelerate the path of innovation. – says Riccardo De Franchis, head of Marketing at Samsung Electronics Telephony Division Italy. “Our new smartphones enhance the gaming experience and sharing and meet the needs of the younger generation and redefining” possible “bringing it beyond the limits of today’s technology, introducing a true Galaxy mobile gaming experiences”

The new Galaxy S7 and S7 edge promise a complete gaming experience thanks to EA Huband Game Time-two applications of games developed exclusively for Samsung, containing a collection of the best EA games and Arcade with game packages are included.

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edgeis available online from bass8 to 594 euros or by Trony to 669 euros. The price is decent but there are 6 better models.
  • Samsung Galaxy S7is available online from SoftPrice at 543 euros or Redcoon to619 euro. The price is decent but there are 4 best models.