Samsung Galaxy Mini S5, Analysis

The Samsung Galaxy mini S5 is Samsung great bet for the mid-range in this 2014, although we continue without understanding this type of “mini” versions that lose the sense of high-end, despite maintaining that too if the noble name of a Galaxy S.

With the Galaxy mini S5, we bring you the in-depth analysis to Xataka Android one of the smartphones called to command this year the line of devices that emphasizes the quality/price ratio, and surely that does not lack incentive to get it.

Starting with its nomenclature media – something which already gives sufficient packaging-, and ending with its line of design, inherited from his older brother the S5 Galaxy, this mini S5 dares to keep also the cast of major news the Korean giant this year: the heart rate sensor and fingerprint reader.

Samsung Galaxy mini S5, video analysis


Having read the introduction which we have written and seeing the video analysis, suppose that there is I already no doubt about the willingness of Samsung with this mini S5 Galaxy, because the Korean giant has wanted to keep everything the essence of its terminal star.

Used design lines are identical in both – S5, S5 Galaxy mini – terminals, although Samsung has less care materials used in the manufacture of the new “mini”, It is completely made of plastic and lose good touch the back of his older brother, while maintaining the characteristic dotted fabric.

In spite of this, the terminal is attractive and sturdy construction, by adding a IP67 certification It draws much attention if we serve all ports are discovered and without annoying waterproof covers, and its back cover is removable for access to the battery and microSD and microSIM slots.

We have a convenient device to use, with a volume that adapts perfectly to the hand, and is as the diagonal of 4.5 inch is certainly in tune with more users than the sizes that already plays the most noble range.

The S5 Galaxy mini features a Samsung 100%, compact, lightweight and robust, design by adding resistance to the water and two sensors star of the year: fingerprint reader and cardiac monitor

Plastic allows that device is only 120 grams of weight, although its dimensions of 131.1 x 9.1 x 64.8 mm could lead us to think of a less light-weight device. In terms of the optimization of space, room for improvement is the word, as the mark could have been minimized Anything else.

Mention deserves also the placement of the main speaker, which Samsung has led back to the rear in their main devices of this year against which logic indicates, because despite the slight bulge sound lost when the phone sits on a flat surface.

Little more than review in this aspect, as the rest of the construction of the S5 Galaxy mini is already classic, with side buttons for power and volume, the typical central button Samsung fingerprint reader in this case also houses, and rear camera positioned centered with the LED flash and the heart rate sensor under.

There are no surprises, no fanfare, but in terms of design this mini S5 will meet the expectations of most, adding also a certified IP67 is appreciated especially if don’t mind, as it is the case, thanks to the open ports and also removable rear.

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Screen and hardware

This is the key point of a “mini” version, then all hope where a device – like his brother – but in smaller, Samsung brings a terminal that lower their claims to the middle range, looking for lower ones costs that then do not translate as they should in the final sales price, but which do call into question your performance.

The screen will not detracting from the set, and is that Koreans have an impressive work with its new generation Super AMOLED panels, that you do not get tired of receiving compliments deservedly. As a picture is worth more than thousand words, I’ve left in the upper gallery a comparative picture under equal conditions with the Galaxy Note 3, and there you can see the improvement in brightness and sharpness of the new Samsung panels.

In this case, already taking into account their 326 pixels per inch density, the panel of 4.5 inches and HD resolution 720 p seems more than sufficient for reading excellent sharpness. Technology Super AMOLED has improved a lot, and although the colors continue to be bright and saturated, this is no longer a problem thanks to settings Samsung includes in the settings.

The brightness is higher, which has helped greatly improve the outdoor display even with the Sun falling in broad daylight. It is clear that there will be a loss of quality, but the terminal is completely usable in any light condition without any problem.

Chosen hardware platform Yes start with the new Samsung Galaxy S5 mini problems, but let’s go with the specifications table, because we know that it is what everyone wants to see before buying a device:

Samsung Galaxy 5 mini, specifications
Physical dimensions 131.1 x 9.1 x 64.8 mm120 grams
Screen Super AMOLED’s 4.5 inch
Resolution HD 1280 x 720 pixels, 326 DPI
Processor Samsung Exynos 3470 Quad Core @ 1.4 GHz
Graphics processor ARM Mali-400MP4
RAM 1.5 GB
Memory 16 GB + microSD up to 64 GB
Version Android 4.4.2 KitKat with Samsung TouchWiz UX
Connectivity LTEWireless 802.11 a/b/g/n 2.4 + 5 GHz WiFi DirectaGPS+GLONASSBluetooth 4.0NFCIR port
Cameras Front: 2.1 MPRear: 8 MP with autofocus and LED flash
Battery Battery Li-ion 2100 mAh
Sensors Proximity, light, digital compass, accelerometer, gyroscope, heart and reader fingerprint sensor
Starting price 365 EUR
Other data Charge and sync microUSB 2.0 connectorMicro-SIM slotLED notificationsIP67 certification

In general, the mini S5 is a smartphone prepared for any application that we want to give you today, although their chances of hardware remain in question above if we compare other terminals in the competition, sometimes even cheaper.

This aspect will expand it more in the next section, but the surprisingly low-power Exynos 3470 of Samsung -which in this case works 1.4 GHz and has LTE modem – lastra too to the terminal, although neither is buoyant RAM memory, which remains at the 1.5 GB while others climb the bet now 2 GB.

There are the drawbacks, because the other components are expected, with the 16 GB of internal storage (something less than 11 GB for the user) that can be expanded with microSD cards, or LTE connectivity that works perfectly so that the browsing speed is not a problem.

Also wanted to Samsung provide connectivity to your mini S5 WiFi Dual, with support for 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, as well as a Bluetooth 4.0 you who will appreciate the wearables Gear range and aGPS with GLONASS positioning fast and correctly. There are also the NFC, as usual Samsung is integrated in the battery, or the infrared port recovered for the cause last year.

In terms of sensors, the expected more the heart rate monitor to extend the possibilities of the S Health suite and the fingerprint reader to improve the safety of access to the device, and little more dressing that we review.

The S5 Galaxy mini is a terminal for the war from day to day, with offset hardware but power sitting, especially in the graphic part

Performance and autonomy

We have not wanted to delve too in the functioning of the S5 Galaxy mini in the previous section, which we have left on purpose for cold data with the intention of talking about the performance separately.

The terminal moves correctly by the operating system, the new TouchWiz is fluent and user experience quite acceptable, although we talk some lag when it comes to return to the desktop with the home button, perhaps by the detection of S Voice rather than a lack of optimization.

In everyday use they will not notice the apparent lack of power that Yes we warned when it comes to benchmarks, especially in the graphical part, showing scores similar to those of the Samsung Galaxy SIII or Nexus 4 Exynos 3470. Here is where is the slat hardware of this mini S5 Galaxy, thing that will surely make many opt for high ranges of previous years instead of this terminal, a mid-range new batch.

Data are those that are and we cannot ignore them, so we leave the table of scores and catches of the S5 Galaxy mini through our recognition wheel:

Samsung Galaxy 5 mini, performance
AnTuTu X Standard: 19.840 points
Quadrant 8.402 points
3DMark Ice Storm @720p v1.2: 3.812 Ice Storm Extreme @1080 v1.2: 2.841Ice Storm Unlimited v1.2: 3.534
EPIC Citadel High Quality: 53.5 FPS @720p
BenchmarkPI 346 milliseconds
Vellamo HTML5: 1355Metal: 728Multicore: 986

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Far already graphic power, have to talk about general performance well as phone commonly used, because the mini S5 It behaves well in different environments when it comes to conversations, and it has an acceptable sound in the speaker’s conversation and main speaker.

However, this aspect is something to improve on Samsung, as HTC and its Boomsound or Sony will take you enough advantage in terms of sound, and the community itself tends to release patches to improve the response of Samsung handsets in that section. In addition, the inconvenience of the speaker in the back returns to play a trick when it comes to rating the sound of the terminal.

Autonomy is expected, since the device will withstand a day of use without disheveled, but much more we waive him unless we keep it on standby. In tests, we have seen that in continued use could respond for about 5 or 6 hours, so in normal use, there will be problems to reach the 24-30 hours of autonomy.

Moreover, for the user medium is one device more than enough, with a hardware offset and solvent, although limited in graphic power, that the election will be held if we attend to the hardware between the high-end of previous years and this mini S5 Galaxy.


Samsung has been doing a very good job with the photo section of its terminals, both sensors when creating software for components of Sony or other manufacturers.

In this case we need to talk again of a terminal with good capabilities in terms of photography, because its 8 megapixel camera with autofocus and LED flash sensor offers an excellent quality in almost any condition.

Does not suffer in low light or introduce excessive noise in indoor environments, and surely someone experienced could get much performance to your camera. In video has FullHD possibilities, and although not available modes advanced capture slow motion if us will get out of trouble when it comes to capture any moment.

In this aspect, it is basic to see examples, so we leave you with a Gallery of images taken with the S5 Galaxy mini in different situations and without retouching in any way, actual size as the device saves them:

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The Samsung Galaxy mini S5 is, first and foremost, a Samsung. If that does not illustrate the software section we will explain better, is that although the terminal count factory with 4.4 Android Kit Kat little we will see Android Pure Google experience here.

Samsung works much with the software of its terminals to give them an ecosystem and definition, and This mini S5 Galaxy inherits the new TouchWiz interface Samsung premiered at the Mobile World Congress along with its S5 Galaxy. Flat and colourful design, highlighting the possibilities of an outstanding Super AMOLED panel, and proprietary additives to extend the user experience.

So, do not miss the Gear range and the Samsung Galaxy Apps app store support, nor nor we will miss the suite S Health or advanced Samsung controls via the view or gestures.

In general, we tend to say that we do not like the customizations of the manufacturers, but we have to recognise a Samsung, which has taken a step forward in graphics integration of their application, as well as the interface. In addition, the Koreans added numerous functions that, although they introduce huge amount of megabytes of bloatware, some end up being useful and copied by the competition.

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The new and colourful TouchWiz like who will live comfortable with this device, and that does not like you, because it will have all the dressings, adjustments and possibilities of Samsung with the option of installing an alternative launcher from Play Store that returns us a little Android experience.

Samsung Galaxy mini S5, Xataka Android view

The conclusion of the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini is easy to articulate, based from the outset on that We do not understand very much the strategy of these “mini” devices far from what Sony thinks of them.

For us a high-end “mini” version, despite the redundancy of quotes, you should expect the same hardware platform but in size more content (rebajad screen resolution if you want to), but not a range middle with a completely different philosophy, which only keeps lines design and nomenclature.

According to this, and taking the mini S5 Galaxy as a mid-range of pure blood, then we have a good terminal invoice, building robust, resistant to water and good design, an outstanding display with a high quality camera, although with a fairly limited hardware, even below some MediaTek chipset and lower to lower-cost devices.

Here is where is the greater discussion of the mini S5, as Samsung has placed a price of medium-high range having your media name and its design modeled his older brother, but well above the of your real competition if we attend to their possibilities.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 mini plays in the League of the high-end of previous years, as the Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 Galaxy, Nexus 4, Z Xperia or HTC One X, but prices are going to compete with the Xiaomi Mi4, One Plus One, Oppo Find 7a, etc., all of them high-end latest remittance.

In favour

  • High quality screen
  • IP67 certification
  • Good camera
  • Keeps fingerprint reader and the high-end heart rate sensor


  • High price on the market
  • Very low hardware performance
  • Materials and finishes less care


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