Samsung Galaxy S4 Now Available in Gold?

Samsung Launches Golden Galaxy S4

Samsung wants to bring out the Samsung Galaxy S4 now also in gold. The Golden Smartphone come golden brown and gold pink gold available on the market.

Appel did before successfully of the iPhone 5S with its gold version a few weeks ago, now pulls competitor Samsung and announces to bring out his Galaxy S4 in golden brown and gold pink. The Golden model of the iPhone 5S was been laughed at first critical of the press, it showed but fast that Apple of the iPhone 5 S was actually right this variant: the Golden model of the iPhone 5 S was the most popular model and worldwide Flash sold out, so Apple had to accelerate the production of the model, to serve the buyer.

Temporarily traded the gold variant of the iPhone 5 S to on the Internet at top prices. Apple competitor Samsung was probably so impressed that the Smartphone manufacturer from South Korea now on the gold hype jumps up and brings out two gold-colored models that iPhone 5 S to the favor of the buyer are competing with the Golden by the success of the Golden iPhone 5 S. For the time being, the two gold pieces only in Arab countries to come out since there apparently is the greatest demand for a Gold version of the Samsung Galaxy S4. Whether the Golden Samsung Galaxy S4 also to Europe, remains to be seen if they succeed in the Arab world, it is very likely. Via Twitter and Facebook came up with the message “elegance is a touch of gold” a picture of the new design of the Samsung Galaxy S4 out. The two models will have a golden back and a golden border, on the front page, the second color should then each (Brown or pink) come to the fore. Technically, the two models are probably correspond to a “normal” Galaxy S4. For the price and the availability of the Golden S4 Samsung did not comment but still.

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