Samsung Takes The Rest with The Galaxy Note 4, The Best Screen on a Smartphone, Again

Samsung continues away their Amoled displays of what they were a couple of years ago. Is no longer displays with the only benefit of Blacks more blacks and very good viewing angles, but that they are already running to become the new standard of quality in mobile phones.

We have already seen how to the S5 Galaxy, from DisplayMate claimed that he was riding the best screen on a smartphone (not only Oled). Samsung continues to improve, and is now the Galaxy Note 4 who steals the title, according to the same Verifier.

From DisplayMate abstract it as follows:

“Galaxy Note 4 has the screen to better yields we have ever tasted. “Reaches or breaks new records in the phone to display performance: absolute color accuracy, higher resolution, ratio of infinite contrast, higher brightness, high ambient light contrast and less variation in brightness with viewing angle”.

As you know, Note 4 has a display of 5.7-inch Quad HD resolution (2560 x 1440 pixels), which gives us a 518 points per inch. In turn, compensates for this with a matrix PenTile in Diamond Pixel configuration, as we had been seeing lately in Samsung products. Thus, we have a number of sub-pixels of greater than red and blue green, which leads to a loss of final resolution, which must now be virtually undetectable.

S4 Galaxy of Pentile matrix

Reflecting measurements of DisplayMate is a screen which gives excellent results in all sections, having in addition the various modes including Samsung: Adaptive, Cinema, Photo and Basic. In the first one, it reaches to cover 130% of the standard sRGB.

One of the weak points of the Amoled, historically speaking, displays is its low luminosity. With improvements on previous models, Samsung again exceed the maximum brightness of the previous, reaching some 400 nits if we adjust manually, they can reach 750 When it is in mode auto and the external brightness so requires it.

Infinite contrast in low light, brightness minimum of 2 nits or a contrast that comes to 93 in high brightness outdoor conditions (no smartphone had become so high here) are other interesting data. In photo mode and basic, Note 4 arrives at a color temperature of 6.562K and 6.564 K, very close to 6,500 K of reference white.

In addition, we can also talk of improvements on energy, although lower than the views previously. Near maximum brightness, about 350 nits, the Note 4 consumes about 10% less than the Note 3 in terms of screen. Another story are already resources that consume the processor to move it…