Samsung View Cover LED Galaxy S7/S7 Edge

With new S7 Galaxy and Galaxy S7 edge, Samsung has also launched a new range of accessories among which we find the LED Cover View, a case with flip that also integrates a small panel with white LEDs, a grid of 16×7, able to provide you with some information.

The cover is made of artificial leather, quite soft to the touch. Three color variants: in addition to these in black and gold is also a blank. The dimensions are 55 x 73.5 x 13.7 mm 142.4 grams in weight. The phone will fit in a transparent plastic shell that protects both the edges that the sides leaving the top, bottom and the volume and power/lock.

On the back there is a space provided for the camera, flash and heart rate monitor. On the inside there is a pocket to place a credit card or business card. The flip is active and then allows you to turn on and off the display by opening it and closing it.

The cover is fed directly from the phone using NFC, wirelessly. Even using the LED Cover, you will still be able to charge your device wirelessly and use the NFC. Once connected, within the settings you will see an entry “Accessories” that will allow us to enable automatic unlocking and custom for the caller ID. 20 different icons are available to which you can assign one or more contacts. The icons will be displayed when receiving a call.

The touch panel is interactive and allows us to answer or reject a call or turning off an alarm by making a swipe. It is possible to make a conversation through the slot at the earbud.

The side part is soft and allows you to use the arrow keys to adjust the volume during a conversation. Among other information, are displayed even those relating to missed calls and received messages. When you use the music player, the Panel shows an animation while connecting a battery charger shows charging status.

The Cover is sold at a price of about 70 euros. Price not particularly low for this cover is ideal for those who want to give your device a touch of elegance and originality.

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edgeis available online from bass8 to 594 euros or Media World a 679 euros. The price is decent but there are 6 better models.
  • Samsung Galaxy S7is available online from SoftPrice at 543 euros or Redcoon to619 euro. The price is decent but there are 4 best models.