Secret Tricks: So You Get Everything From Ios 8 Out!

With ios 8 Apple has fine-tuned the design and new features, the users Apple devices up to date missing had. Look more closely and discovered secrets that the daily use of iphone 6, iphone 6 plus or any other compatible device even better. Compiled the editors for you secret tips and features:

Ios 8: secret tips and features

More functionality

New quick access to contacts in the app switcher provides more overview and speeds up the operation. Did you know that the function can adjust and switch off? Show only the most recently dialed numbers or Favorites can on request. The shortcuts you want to disappear completely, there is also a solution. Learn how you do this, the overview.

Iphone automate

It is similar at Snapchat, IOS 8 possible messages with a timer to provide so that they disappear automatically after a while. This not only applies to text, but also voice messages and video messages. Only for text messages, you may however choose a longer period of time, approximately 30 days or 1 year all other communication formats disappear after two minutes.

The 100 best iphone apps

100 apps, utilities, Navi-software, music & co.

Light create playlists

Dealing with itunes is intuitive and easily by hand, however music settled away from itunes only hard on the mobile devices manage. With ios 8 is a useful function on iphone, ipad and ipod has come: do you want to create a new playlist, so songs can be easily from existing lists add. How it works, says the editorial in the gallery.

Lifesaver: the emergency Passport

Upgrading to ios 8, all users will receive the practical fitness and Gesundheitstracker-app health. The application analyses including the pulse, the daily training, as well as the sleeping behavior of the user. It offers also an emergency passport, which contains the data in the health of the user. That information will help rescue workers in an emergency may work the data can be called up by third parties even in the screen lock.