Ski Apps Compared

Which ski area has the longest ski slopes? How fast was I? Winter sports apps such as Bailey and iSKI Tracker before a day of skiing or record them.

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Ski and snowboarder sdfahrer await eagerly the first real snow, so that they can be again under the feet put boards or Board and heed the call of the slope. But where are you going this time? What are the snow conditions on the ground? Extends the selection of slopes?

Better, it informed prior to arrival in a ski area thoroughly – otherwise bitter disappointment awaits at the end instead of snow. With, Bergfex Lite ski and ski info we provide you before three apps that provide the most important data for an upcoming ski adventure.

But also the other winter sports apps for your Smartphone, which we present in the following pages, turn out to be useful tools for skiers.

GPS makes it possible

So the GPS of mobile phone use for example tracking apps, for dedicated amateur athletes, important questions to answer: how many kilometers I drove today? How quickly it went down the slope?

The recorded data enable competition with others – some apps provide rankings for each ski area.

Maps to snow reward athletic performance even with vouchers – which increases the fun factor. The downside: Use the GPS tracking apps fails on the battery. The right accessories such as a waterproof additional battery as easily remedy. app

Those looking for the find! The huge selection of areas, there is something for everyone. The app provides information on worldwide 5200 ski areas on the display. Fortunately, you can narrow down the choices according to his needs: the search allows you to filter by countries and regions. With the sort function, it can be assigned, for example according to length of the slopes. The test reports which are available for 400 ski areas are a special feature of the app. So also a sorting is possible when searching according to test results.

Who has found the right snow paradise, provides the most important information in a tile map. Here you can call also useful details – about a chart that shows the distribution of the pistes in three difficulty levels. More information on the piste map, the test report, the depth of snow, the weather forecast and webcams are also available. Also tips to other areas and surrounding accommodations can be in the app.

Bergfex ski Lite

With this app, you have the most important information at a glance. Behind the Bergfex app is at has a Web site, the information on resorts. As also the other Info APS, you can drain store his favorite regions as Favorites. This facilitates quick access to popular ski resorts.

Also daily pictures, the weather forecast for the next few days, can be see open lifts and snow quality in the Favorites list. Overview of the area you’d like more information, know what to do: with a view of opening times, piste map, can be capture snow height, weather and ski pass rates. A general description of the ski area is available.

The app on the Web page by Bergfex forwards for information about accommodations and ski rental companies. A big plus: as only app Bergfex provides weather maps of Europe with forecasts for precipitation – so you can look forward at an early stage on any new snow. The Pro version of the app will cost 2.99 Euro: it provides hourly weather forecasts with data from 200 weather stations in the Alps, more accurate snow forecasts and ski teacher videos.

Ski Info app

Ski Info provides data on more than 2000 ski areas, including in the Switzerland, Germany, Austria and France. The app promises to tested and up-to-the-minute snow reports, weather forecasts and a Powderalarm with fresh snowfall.

Also at Skiinfo, you can save areas as Favorites. A collation simplifies the selection of destination after snow and fresh snow height. Information is ordered in different tabs: so, webcam images, a weather forecast can be accessed detailed ski pass prices and a piste map for each area. After previous download the piste map works even offline. Members of the community can also adjust photos and snow reports of the area, where the time intervals between the reports are relatively large.

iSKI Tracker

Was I faster than my friends? iSKI Tracker is dieAntwort. With the app you can record data such as the travelled distance, the distance in altitude and the speeds of a skiing day.

Who himself created an extra account, can compare his ski days as a diary and on the iSKI website analyse in detail. All data is automatically associated with the correct ski area and shown in diagrams. Ridden distance is drawn on a Google maps map and can be traced to later.

To compare its performance with other riders is also possible with iSKI Tracker. There are rankings for a variety of regions. Who was on the way to the fastest, longest, widest? How are my data in comparison? About the rankings, own fitness can be determined quite quickly – that makes a little sense of competition in the ski events.

Maps to snow

Performance incentive compliant? They are abound in this app. Maps to snow has the largest interactivity of all apps. 500 ski resorts it offers, scavenger hunts and contests via the common part.

If you want more individuality, created their own competitions and share them with friends. The special feature: The app rewarded sporting performance with virtual medals, known as pins. These are awarded for a certain number of driven altitude, can but are also in specific locations within a ski area. Hiding behind some even discounts and coupons from local businesses.

The app menu gives you access to scavenger hunts, contests, ski areas and to the own profile. It lists all results of the current season, as the already accumulated points, pins and kilometres travelled. Each getrackte ski day is saved and can be seen in a diary. Who craves a bit of variety in the slope day and by collecting points with others wants to compete, runs correctly with this app.

Skiing: Europe app

Procedure? With this app’ back on the right Spure. From Navionics cartography providers developed, offers the app mainly detailed tracking and routing functions for the track day. You record the mileage rates, climbed height difference, number of runs and ridden distance travel time. At the end of the day, there is the possibility once again tracking the own descents in a playback.

For a better overview you can represent speed and height in a chart. Another useful feature is the route option of the app: select start and destination as well as the desired level of difficulty on the map, the app then marked the track driving and indicates the distance. Slopes are even without Internet connection, but who would like to see a map should load before it for offline use. You can see also the information provided by the community.