Skype Will Have Video Calls with up to 5 People

Starting next week users of Skype can finally hold video calls with up to five people through the feature called Group Video Calling (group video call).

The functionality will be available from the beta to be released next week, no day set yet. It will initially be free, but Skype plans to start charging for video conferences later this year.

Another innovation announced by the company is a new subscription service, which promises to offer prices up to 60% lower than the purchase of minutes a la carte. From tomorrow Skype users “over 170 countries” may sign plans ranging from 60 minutes to unlimited, which can monthly, quarterly or annually.

Subscriptions will be available from tomorrow (6) and prices start at $ 1.09 per month (less than two reais at current price). Per minute prices for subscription service may reach values ​​of less than two cents per minute for “almost any destination on the globe” (more information on the official website ). Customers who do not want to use the subscription service can continue to buy credits to the extent of their need, as they always have.