Smart Ring

Time ago I spoke of DoorBot, a buzzer that allowed us to see who called wing door and talk to him on the phone. Now it seems that the company behind the invention you have changed the name to Ring, including new features.

Smart Ring

Ring is, first and foremost, a ring connected by WiFi allowing thanks his video camera to transmit the image and the sound of who knocks at the door to a mobile phone through an app for iOS and Android and interact with our partner if we so wish.

But the device is also equipped with motion sensors able to detect activity in a range of view of 180 degrees, and at distances up to 10 meters, and can send alerts to the phone if there is someone around the house.

Also has a system of night vision, video recording directly in the cloud and a water resistant casing so that we can install it outdoors without problems. As for food, brings a rechargeable battery with an autonomy of up to 1 year.

Price and Availability

Ring is now on sale at by a preferred maximum price of $249.