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The cell phone market is crammed with new smartphones: Sony Z2, HTC One (M8), Samsung Galaxy 5, Lumia 930 and others. Here is our overall assessment of the new smartphones.

A few years back, it was very easy to point out the good and bad phones. Some phones was poor to perform simple tasks such as speech and respect, others had small cameras or choppy systems, while a small group of phones were good. Not perfect, but good.

Android 4.4 3G Smartphone

But the gap has narrowed. Only a thin line of minimal detail separates the various top models from each other now, which makes it difficult for a normal consumer to choose which phone to buy.

All can easily be used to view the House of Cards on Netflix, take entirely acceptable images for Instagram by today’s breakfast and surf for new recipes for muffins.

All are good cell phones after today’s standards and most of them can be equipped with a headset. You can find a bluetooth set so as to choose the one that is best for youself. Especially when it’s such an important election.

The vast majority choose to buy a smartphone in order to retain it in a few years together. Often because the old one is worn down, or fordider have come a number of new features in newer phones, as we’d like.

And it follows us everywhere. It is the last thing you say goodnight to the evening, and the first thing you touch in the morning.

Dual Earphones for Cell Phones

The importance is unquestionable, and when so the phones often have a similarly high price, it becomes suddenly an important choice. Although most telecommunications firms to provide some form of mobile discount, if, at the same time, sells his soul and binds in x number of months, so you often end up with to give between 3 000 and 5 000 dollars for its new flagship phone.

Therefore, should the election be right the first time. In this guide we will take six of the best phones that were launched in the first half by 2014, and highlights the good and bad things about each one.

You look at our ranking of the cell phones, you will see that all is over 4/6 stars and many of them with 5/6: in other words, all together good phones.

We have only looked at the seven best phones, and has therefore not taken phones such as LG or Nokia 1520 with Flex, since it’s niche products, and although we may praise a phone’s property here, you can easily disagree.

We’ve had all the phones in your hands, and we’ve tested them for a longer period of time than you can experience in a store.

Always remember to have had your upcoming phone in hands, before you actually buy it. It can be small items, as for you is not good enough. Let it be everything from size to how it is in your hand.