Sony BDP-S 5000 ES

Should the impeller and inventor who has Blu-ray disc its place in the market not yet found. First came the PlayStation 3. And then nothing really sensational long.

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The answer is located on some gloating now in the form of a massive, black behemoth in the shops, the 1800 euro expensive BDP-S_5000_ES. A scarce two millimeter strong chassis contains strictly separate boards, resonance-optimized heat sink at almost all strategically important points, and an analog circuit board with four D/A converters of Burr-Brown for analogue multichannel sound, as well as a separate processing of the stereo output. This is joined by a complicated video processor with the cryptic name “CXD_9957_GF”. This dominates not only all kinds of video game, but is able to make even the sharp HD world even a little bit better. A fine AV options menu allows the user to tune a flawless Blu-ray disc image – individually or with functions such as “HD Reality Enhancer”, “Smoothing”, or “Film Grain Reduction” to your heart’s content itself.

To do this, the chip converts the actual eight bit video information in 14-bit signals, adds color details and can then be “Super bit mapping” which emit output variable on powerful displays with twelve bit – or older beamers and televisions with eight. For a possible jitter reconstruction of video and audio signals, controls the high frequency shares a chip had specially by the sister company Sony_Ericsson telecommunications specialists and forwards only after successful inventory via HDMI. But was thought also of the analog video output double processor – there are even eight levels adjustable damping compensation for the component outputs. Also, the Sony BDP-S_5000_ES only one of the tested Super player offers a wash real DTS HD Master decoder – for the support of all particularily AV receiver.

Hear and see

The eager Japanese engineers were rewarded for her meticulous work on the video section in the picture test: the incredibly detailed Sony as well as the contrast – and color-strong pioneer moved with HD picture and scaled DVD data to the NAD past. While the NAD drew quite impressive homogeneous and beautiful pictures; only in the category of “Noise Reduction” and the active de-interlacing with difficult 1080i material he had to move the competition. Absolute video professional, the pioneer had even the to date most natural player behind it, the DVD 3800_BD by Denon. Also with the new HD sound formats, presented via HDMI, all his skills register moved the PIO-neer. Dynamic, punchy and tired he played from classical film to jazz and rock concerts almost to the top. Only the NAD was able to catch up with its more subtle, dry and precise game. If you love rhythm and timing, is very well served by the T 587. Sony opened the room, beamed in the splendour of the overtones and were the instruments more bodies, but the last bit he lacked accuracy. The disc comparison brought a similar picture: the Sony glittered in the heights, has silky in the Middle, filled the root with force. The NAD sent countered with pace, a bone-dry bass and a contour drawn tightly over the middle. So game they played on, that you the 100-points-CD-player Creek had to stop evolution CD. The PIO-neer LX_91 gave CDs similar to a good mood like the LX_71; velvety, open, alive, but easily distracted.

Sony BDP S 5000 ES

Manufacturer Sony
Price €1800.00
Rating 98.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Width 43.0 cm
Height 12.5 cm
Depth 36.5 cm
Weight 10.0 kg
DVD-audio / SACD – / –
Blu-ray / HD-DVD / –
HD-R / HD-RW / Java – / – / –
BSD version 2.0
Copy protection: Key2Audio / Cactus / doc loc – / – / –
Output of Dolby TrueHD, analog / PCM / Bitstream / /
Output DTS-HD analog / PCM / Bitstream / /
Output of digital 96 kHz Yes
Playback MP3 /.
Playing MP3 / JPEG / WMA /. / / /
extended color space extended
CEC support
AUDIO outputs analog RCA / 5.1 / 7.1 / /
Digital Cinchoptisch / HDMI Yes /. / (1.3A)
Video outputs SCART / RCA / Hosiden /. / /
Ethernet / USB /
Great, analog image, many video features, very good CD sound, all decoders
The noise reduction could be somewhat better
Sound CD 90
Sound surround 80
Sound HDMI well over 95
HD picture quality 140
Picture quality DVD Reference class 105
Equipment outstanding
Operation Very good
Processing Very good
Sound judgment outstanding 98
Predicate 5 ears
Price / performance ueberraged
tested in issue: 2 / 09