Speaker MAGNAT Quantum 1009

MAGNAT has a run: In the affordable range, the Cologne offer more box and sound than almost any other provider. Now they dare with the quantum 1009 (4000 euro the pair) the attack on the high end. With success?

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Woe, when they released: four man team to the magnate/Heco Development Manager Shandro includes fishermen. You populate one of the largest German HiFi development laboratories, with Klippel-analysis technology equipped, and develop almost monthly cycle test winner – how they impressively proves rank & name list of stereoplay . But for the project quantum 1009 is surprisingly let plenty of time: over two years.

And, as so often in recent years, when speakers of highest standards were on the agenda, it took support of Karl-Heinz Fink, the probably most versatile boxes developer of the Republic. Fink is an avowed Highender, he devoted passionate Maverick and a gifted chassis developers – in particular the reduction of distortions. You must therefore not long seek to make up a large part of the technical innovations in the 4000 euro expensive flagship of Tycoon – they put the 6-inch medium in the tweeter, – and to ensure sound high homogeneity, the membranes of mid-range speakers and woofers are the two 8-Tieftönern.Um of inch made of aluminium; the fabric dome of tweeter is dusted with ceramic particles and therefore also quite stiff.

However, the correct choice of material is still the lightest exercise. The much higher art is, magnet systems and membrane forms in such a way, that fall as little distortion. For this, you have researched Cologne long; stereoplay are the endless measurement and research series.

But, much more importantly, the results of our laboratories, which certifies the quantum 1009 exemplary low distortion values are here. Especially in the sound relevant midrange is almost cooked no distortion to recognize – respect! Strongly praise the extremely smooth frequency response curve, the relatively uniform impedance curve (good for tubes) to 4 Ohms and the stately depth down to 30 Hertz – are not bad for “only” two Enclousure.

The technical basis is true, then. But know, is more high end. It is the effort to the last bit, the knowledge of the relevance of sound in even the smallest things. And actually we face an abundance of such high-end details behind the very classy-looking, gloss and a total of nearly 50 kilogram housing walls.

Because crossover components respond to vibrations with distortions, which are the quantum 1009 elastic paste efficiently from the rear panel decoupled suspension. Because bass more cleaner sound, the firmer they are built, will keep you in addition the quantum of housing quest. Because unevenly thick side walls always natural sound as a uniform thickness – even if they are very strong – rejuvenate 1009 from 42 to 30 millimeters to the quantum. And because Fink has found that vibrating cover plates distort the figure at the height that the 1009er is built as a sandwich complex – because nothing resonates.

And what sounds like a transducer capability according to all rules of the art? Only once pleasantly warm, with rich bass and very finely resolving. And yet the editors felt, it lacked something. Some more Schmacke, slightly more vibrancy. But the longer ran the hearing session, the clearer it became: missing anything – except maybe the usual distortions. How easy and yet punchy, as clear and never ostensibly the quantum Chopin’s Piano Concerto No. 1 by SA Chen (“The audiophile of the month” 12/08) projected in the hearing room, was stunning. How she shone from the recent depths of recording space as she formed to the size of the instrument and how compelling she celebrated the energetic play of the young stars – pulled the MAGNAT one with increasing length of the game in its spell.

She also claimed is compared with other boxes. Spicy way is the reference of this class, Heco statement (1/08), come from the same home, and some developers had their fingers in it for both projects.

Nevertheless they sound different – even if both really good. The Heco is clearly the more vivid: with higher level reserves, more punch in the bass and horns of more fun, she seems quite “faster”. But at the exact hearing this liveliness on small blurring is based.

The closer, finer, but also the warmer, more natural sound, the new MAGNAT always met.

Their uncanny and audiophile neutrality are not only fascinating, but unique in this price class. It’s actually been real high end, without any flavor characteristics.

MAGNAT audio products quantum 1009

Manufacturer MAGNAT audio products
Price €4000.00
Rating 58.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

General data
Width 27.5 cm
Height 125.0 cm
Depth 39.0 cm
Weight: 51.0 kg
Installation tip: Free with at least 50 cm to re / side wall. For rooms 40 M² up to
Measured values
Operating voltage for 90 dB SPL 3.8 V
Impedance minimum stp 3.5 ohms
Maximum volume upper value 110 dB
Maximum volume lower value (> 45 Hz) 110 dB
Lower cut-off frequency (-3dB) 37 Hz
Lower cut-off frequency (-6 dB) 29 Hz
Short conclusion Impressive stand box with rich bass and fine, almost grade mid-Highrange. High end pure for relatively little money.
Sound Absolute top class
Naturalness 12
Fine resolution 14
Border dynamics 10
Bass quality 11
Figure 11
Sound points (70 points) 58
Measured values 9
Practice 4
Valency 8
Overall rating (max. 120 points) good – very good 79
Price / performance outstanding
tested in output 1 / 09