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Who confused clarity with riot and like to use with cables and electronics, will probably Etude and most elegant sound look of all time in the CLX of Martin Logan (28000 Eusro the pair).

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People looking after the absolutely best product in a category are not to be envied. For Sound-accustomed of, such as exclusivity, means to get shape and sound performances under a hat. Price/performance, maintenance costs or space to play a subordinate role.

But what chance does an audiophile who has tried all possible and has nowhere really happy? After years of searching will make any lazy compromises and knows exactly what he wants? Martin Logan has created the CLX for such contemporaries, who doesn’t want to look like other sound emitter and therefore requires a slightly more detailed explanation and definition.

Although transducers beyond the 20_000 there is truly no shortage of euro, it is not easy to stand out from the mainstream for purists. Because in spite of all the differences in philosophy and design the vast number of all dynamic driver, manufacturer uses to form this classic direct emitters and systems that show in principle always certain characteristics.

The dispersion of such speakers is the problem of less restricting the listening area from a more or less pronounced angle dependency, as rather represents a faulty sound addition at larger angles of space which is not covered in the usual measurements.

Where the measurement microphones not more so look closely, runtime differences that part swirling confused the temporal patterns in the signals occur.

Who wants to avoid these trade-offs, which remain in essentially two alternatives: the tiny, broadband single-point sound source (who but doesn’t really work in practice) or the large surface radiator in the forms as Mmuf or combination.

Cylinder shaft in the form of dipole can with two designs produce, that allow a sound picture of fascinating transparency and homogeneity in animal friendly site with enough distance to the wall at the side and to the rear. In both cases a thin, sometimes even transparent membrane is pushed in fully. Huge batteries revealed permanent magnets help with Magnetostats, a (non-hazardous) high-voltage electrostatic provides the necessary drive.

However, if this principle is so promising, why not long ago is it standard? The answer is sadly sobering: plane projectors need to function properly, relatively large fall off and need much space, because otherwise meet the rear sound shares much too early on the ear. Both would be difficult employable in the mass market. So, the selection of purchasable products in both segments is not very large, being currently significantly more electrostatic in the offer.

Market leader in this area is the American producer Martin Logan, whose compact models (about the Vista for 4800 euro from issue 6/2007) represent so-called hybrids that leave the bass range of the higher load capacity due to a conventional woofer.

After a break of several years (see interview with David Allan), the Americans with the CLX bring a full-range electrostatic, which covers the entire frequency band only with film spotlights, the benefits of which see purists in the low mass and the full drive again.

Front rear open construction and enormous expansion in the vertical caused by the two cylinder shaft. Side walls, ceilings and floors get hardly any energy. Back, a distance of at least 1.50 metres is required so that the dipole can unfold.

In contrast to its predecessor, CLS of CLX has separate foil systems two mechanically as also electrically (360 Hertz and 12 DB per octave) next to each other. Due to the enormous expansion of oscillating systems, a subdivision into sections area spotlights is instrumentation as also sound less critical than with conventional boxes with small sound sources.

The two departments are to identify from afar: the bass-Panel is the higher energy density according to wider and large.

The medium/tweeter unit (which always should point inwards) is slightly curved forward, creates a much broader zone of hearing a clear advantage over only flat panels.

The big expansion (height including frame and base less than 1.80 metres) provides the vertical for a restoration, but not razor-sharp directionality, with a maximum halfway, so that sitting, not standing listeners achieve the maximum enjoyment, destined for same listening distance of less disturbing ground – and ceiling reflections as in conventional boxes.

The question that should burn all Logan fans under the nails, is that according to the qualities of the CLX in the bass range. Is it actually more homogeneous than in hybrids and may be even better bound than when conventional boxes? And, if so, how big are the smears in terms of strength and depth?

The measurement can answer well the last two aspects. 55 hertz (even better than the manufacturer’s specifications) involved the stereoplaylab, as well as a maximum level close to the 100-decibel threshold determined on-3 decibels, referring to 1 meter distance in the anechoic measuring room, but hardly meets the dipole character. Both values are in line with the usual compact speaker, where such numbers games due in principle different type of space coupling with a certain caution to enjoy are.

Nevertheless, the comparison may be a rough idea of the practical handling. The usable level band is greater than at the CLS in the CLX certainly, also the positioning in the room is less critical due to the sophisticated beam behavior.

However, no courtship place for bass or level fanatics is also the new clipping foil converters not only warning announces itself. If all of a sudden using Knister – and chirping sounds, then it was already too much due to their construction little hub joyful panels of good.

But apart from AV geeks with a permanent tendency to roar so that only very few users are likely to have serious problems, because the fireworks of sound colours and laid-back plasticity, offering the full range converter on the other hand, should bring back even the most die-hard Humpatä disciples on the path of virtue and direct views of the true values, there are accuracy and sensitivity.

And so does the CLX, which succeeds only the very least transducers. It makes you forget its small deficits within a very short time and became fascinated with a great relaxation, who manages the Blumenhofer Horn nor the active Backes so sublime.

The voice of Livingston Taylor transferred the large Logan as perfectly in scene, three dimensional sculpture. Haydn’s Symphony No. 88 (track 2), the tester could see into it formally in the orchestra pit, at the same time, the timbre of the strings had a stunning elegance, no hissing, and cymbals.

In terms of electronics, the CLX is however not a despiser of food. He never liked the Cayin’s small, the (unfortunately much more expensive) Thorens cars, however, all the more. Either way: If confused clarity with riot and like to use with cables and electronics, will find in the CLX probably Etude and most elegant sound look of all time.

Martin Logan CLX

Manufacturer Martin Logan
Price €28000.00
Rating 63.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

General data
Installation tip: free-standing, rear distance 1.5 m listening distance from 3 m, rooms up to 40 m
Measured values
Operating voltage for 90 dB SPL
Impedance minimum stp
Maximum volume upper value
Maximum volume lower value (> 45 Hz)
Lower cut-off frequency (-3dB)
Lower cut-off frequency (-6 dB)
Short conclusion Unique full-range combination with dipole cylinder shaft design. Controlled and dry in the bass, a pleasure to race and fine flair.
Sound Absolute top class
Naturalness 13
Fine resolution 14
Border dynamics 10
Bass quality 11
Figure 15
Sound points (70 points) 63
Measured values
Practice 4
Valency 8
Overall rating (max. 120 points) good – very good 75
Price / performance good – very good
tested in output 1 / 09