Study: Apple Customers Are The Most Satisfied Users Of Mobile Devices

Of satisfaction with Smartphone and Tabletherstellern survey commissioned by Verivox is apparent from that that more than three quarters of Apple users among the participants to review your device as excellent or very good. Sony’s competitors with 70 percent are customer satisfaction and Samsung with 63 percent.

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Apple lasts the longest

From iphone users surveyed, 80 percent would attack again to the Apple device no other manufacturer can’t touch this satisfaction rate! The figures show that iphone customers are less change of affine as Android users who can choose between much more equipment, telecommunications expert Sven Ehrmann explains. After all, two-thirds of Samsung customers would again for same manufacturer decide each just under half say the same thing of Google and HTC Customer.

Samsung introduces the phone of choice for buying new

On the subject of new Samsung has the nose but front: more than a third of all respondents would in a new investment for a device of the Apple competitors decide. Only 17 percent of respondents indicated to choose a California manufacturer’s device with a new acquisition.

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Go head-to-head on the Tablet market

In the segment of large-customs mobile devices deliver a fierce competition Samsung and Apple. If it is a new acquisition, 22 percent of respondents to a Samsung device would attack, Apple would win 19 percent of the respondents as a new client. But: Only 72 percent of owners of Samsung tablets would once again for such a device decide. Whopping 76 percent remained faithful to the manufacturers of the ipad users.

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