When is the iPhone 6 Coming Out?

Burning, all Apple – and iPhone fans interested in the answer to this question. A release date of the new iPhone 6 is not yet known, but many insiders expect that presented the new iPhone 6 in the fall of 2014. IPhone to the new 6 circulate different rumors. Here you read the latest rumours about the iPhone 6: first, you could read on the Internet that the new iPhone 6 will probably be equipped with a screen made of Sapphire Crystal. Multiple test units of the new iPhone 6 should be fitted even with this scratch-resistant glass. Now you can read that Apple iPhone 6 now probably but not a scratch resistant Sapphire Crystal will use his new but at various points in the network – Insider from the delivery report that a sapphire crystal display when the new iPhone 6 is simply still too expensive. The scratch-resistant glass to come for this but probably at the still secret iWatch, the Smartwatch by Apple, used – at least it will be believed. Recent rumours about the iPhone 6 report that the display of the iPhone 6 will be probably totally rimless. Also, it is rumored that Apple will probably also no longer produce the iPhone 5 C.

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