How to Find the Right Smartphone

CUBOT NOTE S 5.5 inch Android 5.1 3G Phablet MTK6580 Quad Core 2GB + 16GB Cameras OTG GPS Bluetooth

How do I find the right technical product for me and especially what should I review? How can I save electricity, for example, or how do I find the device size that fits right for me and my house? Once in nine different categories dealt with these issues and these grouped together corresponding Advisor with some expert tips. Today’s topic: Mobile Phones/Smartphones!


Display maintenance:

Without the most completely on display cleaning sprays, especially during regular use, you can even damage the display. A simple Microfiber cloth is sufficient here, clean and damaged not the display – also for daily application.

Glass cleaners and detergent are absolutely taboo. These include aggressive SOAP solution, which damage the display.

If the display is actually even badly soiled, then moisten the Microfiber cloth easy. But not too much water use, this could run into cracks and crevices of the devices.

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ZTE Axon Mini Review

ZTE Axon Elite International Edition Android 5.0 4G Phablet 5.5 inch Screen Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 64bit Octa Core 3GB RAM 32GB ROM 13MP + 2MP Dual Rear Cameras

With the ZTE Axon mini, ZTE extends its flagship series Axon to another premium Smartphone. Mini including the 5.2 inches (13.2 cm) is one of the salient features of the axon large force-touch display. In addition to typing and wiping, the user can make his inputs using varying pressure intensity. The device should come in the January 2016 in the trade.

The Chinese manufacturer ZTE increased its Smartphone portfolio with the new ZTE Axon mini, which is equipped in the Premium Edition with pressure-sensitive display. Thanks to this technology, the creation of so-called 3D-Passwörtern, which not only from a combination of numbers, special characters and letters, but involve also the pressure on the display, is possible. Thus the security and protection against unauthorized access increase the device considerably. In addition, force touch allows users to set different shortcuts for apps.

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Lenovo Tablet with Brilliant FHD Screen

2016.2.26 Lenovo Tablet with Brilliant FHD Screen

The Lenovo LOSS 2 A10-70 packs powerful, unexpected audio and visual features into a thin, light, and affordable tablet with Dolby Atmos ® cinematic moving audio, a first for a Lenovo tablet. With a brilliant FHD screen, lightning speed processor, and multi-speaker sound bar, the TAB 2 A10-70 is the choice media center for streaming music, videos, live TV or gaming. Plus its optional keyboard folio accessory case doubles as a protective cover, stand and removable keyboard for a functional design with a hands-free viewing experience.

  • 1 inch wide-view FHD display
  • Extended battery life with up to 15.5 hours of mixed use
  • Multi-speaker sound bar enhanced with Dolby Atmos ® cinematic moving audio for an immersive and rich sound experience two enjoy movies, videos, music and games
  • Slim design for ease of portability with a thin frame less than 9 mm (0.35 inches) and weighing nearly 500 grams (1.1 pounds)

Lightning speed 64-bit 1.5 GHz MediaTek ® quad-core processor for smooth and responsive performance