Take a Netflix-Check and See If Your Network Keeps [TIP]

Streaming-giant Netflix drop the test tool loose, so you can check whether your broadband provider delivers the item.

Do you think that the quality on your Netflix videos lags, there can be two causes: either it means that you should be up in a more expensive Netflix subscription or it is a sign that your broadband connection is too weak.

To upgrade Netflix from SD to HD or Ultra HD-quality, are up to. It costs respectively 10 and 40 dollars more a month, while also providing the ability to connect 1, 2 or 4 users at the same time.

However, it requires that your connection can keep up with, and therefore launches Netflix service is our site, where you can test your connection with Netflix’s own servers. The site is extremely simple, click into the page-and the test is in progress. A few seconds later shows the website how many mbit/sec, your connection can deliver.

It recommend Netflix

Netflix ‘ minimum requirements for internet connection is on 0.5 mbit/sec, but must function optimally has Netflix streaming you to have the following download speeds:

  • SD-quality: 3.0 megabits/sec
  • HD quality: 5.0 megabits/sec
  • Ultra HD-quality: 25.0 megabits/sec

You can see what quality is playing in, inside the menu under ‘ Afspilningindstillinger ‘.

Broadband providers cheats with speed

According to news site geek.com, is the U.S. broadband providers scaling-down of the network that gets Netflix to publish test service.

Streaming video requires many resources with providers like ComCast, who, as a countermeasure chose to run at a lower speed, and thus Netflix quality until Netflix ‘ agreed to enter into a special agreement with the provider.

If you experience that your streaming speeds with Netflix’ our site not match independent tests as our site, it is a sign that your provider specific neddrosler your Netflix-traffic – and possibly a sign that it is time to change provider.

Test and write like for our site, if you experience major differences on the two tests with your broadband supplier, on the phone or at home.