Techly Hub USB 3.0

The USB ports are never enough, especially since the USB 3.0 has revived this form of connection. Thanks to the wide availability of USB 2.0 devices and cost effectiveness of new products SuperSpeed, there are many products we purchase with this standard. There are only two ports in MacBook and desktop Macs the Endowment is more generous but are placed at the back, so it is easy whether you prefer a HUB. The Techly 3.0 4.0 USB ports HUB is very interesting because it particularly compact and equipped with four USB 3.0: three in front and one in back.

To optimize performance and support even powered devices, the HUB 3.0 has a dedicated power supply. On the back are the connecting door to the computer, one for the current and an additional USB devices connected, just not to have the yarn in front. When it is running an indicator of an intensely green under 3.0 and logo in the bottom right corner. The coloring of the chassies is simple but original, gray/black on top and green for the rest.

I connected it to a MacBook Pro and I put in 4 devices, a USB 2.0 (because it’s still backward compatible), a USB 3.0-powered and two disks. Doing cross-transfer tests I’ve never encountered a drop in speed, symptom that feeding plays properly his work by balancing the loads.


If you are looking for a good USB 3.0 HUB with power supply you have arrived at the last stop. The Techly product is small in size and easy to use. Offers four SuperSpeed USB ports from a single, perfectly suitable for powered devices. Speed and practicality with a price of 32 euros on site Manhattan Shop.