That More Than Less like Me LineageOS

LineageOS, for those who have just arrived, it is the ROM which, according to its developers, will continue with the legacy of the deceased CyanogenMod. Practically a time record have managed to make it compatible with nearly a hundred of smartphones, specifically, at the time of writing this article, are 94 devices.

I already had the experience we have had with this ROM which, in short, is a twin brother of CyanogenMod with some additives and, of course, guarantee of continue to be updated a little. But on this occasion I will speak about what I liked most and what less than LineageOS Until now.

What you liked most of LineageOS

If there is anything not lacking LineageOS are positive things about that comment. But still it is something very similar to CyanogenMod, There is much work back, and it shows. Let’s start with the best I’ve seen in this ROM since I installed it until today.

The stability of the ROM

Now following the experience itself in the ROM, one of the things that I’ve liked most is the general stability of the system. Since I installed it so far (that is still installed), I have not had any forced closure, any errors of any kind, not even lag, LineageOS has behaved perfectly.


Another aspect that found me very positive is LiveDisplay, mode which allows the color temperature of the screen, either manually or by configuring it to vary throughout the hour. The fact that in hours of darkness blue screen filter can be reduced almost completely is something that some would like to thank.

But in addition to this, you can configure it so that outdoor the brightness and saturation increase and ensure, as far as possible, be able to view the content. All this together makes LiveDisplay a feature that is really useful without having to walk continuously, setting it just do it once and you forget until you want to modify it.

Canned features terminal stock ROM

The fact of installing a custom ROM that is different from your device’s factory does not mean that all functions disappear, at least not in LineageOS. I proved comforting to know that, for example, I keep the functions when you double tap on the ‘home’ button (in my case to turn off the display) or the recent apps.

Also retains the function of split screen coming in my 3 OnePlus which, although it is not the best, yes it is perfectly stable and meets its function. Things like these help to keep a point difference from other mobiles that carry the same ROM.

Easy-to-root once installed

One detail is that the ROM’s LineageOS is not rooted by default, something that already happened in the latest versions of CyanogenMod, however, if you want to return to gain access to the root of the system, the process is much easier than when you had to root your device for the first time (if you came to do so).

Only thing you need to do is download the your Web LineageOS, for recovery and, with the already-initiated mobile Flash, access development options and search ‘Administrative access’ to choose only applications, ADB only, or both. Not having to follow the entire process again is, as I said, a great advantage for those who want to root your device.

Things that I don’t like from LineageOS

No ROM is perfect, that is something that we must keep in mind before starting flashing like crazy, and LineageOS does not escape from this. Taking into account that it is still fairly recent (despite retaining much of the CyanogenMod code), I will then list those things that I’ve not liked.

Lack of a dark theme

This always goes by tastes, but in OxygenOS, almost from the first minute, I decided to put the dark theme, showing the settings main menu is the black background. This, considering that your screen is AMOLED technology, It has a positive impact on the battery, Although it is very small, but existing.

The fact that can not configure settings so that the background is black instead of white found it a bit annoying. It’s nothing that forces you to uninstall ROM, But if you prefer the dark backgrounds, even in settings, LineageOS does not have that by now.

The ‘Alert Slider’ has stopped working

Just a few hours after installing LineageOS I discovered that the ‘Alert Slider’ (the switch to modify the sound modes, for you do not know) did not work a change of position. It may be that you’ve done something wrong or, simply, ROM does not support its operation while in the settings menu can be configured Yes.

The fingerprint sensor is a bit slower

Another thing I’ve noticed is that the fingerprint sensor takes a tad more to recognize my footprint, although the difference is really small and, in addition, it does not affect its accuracy, which is still just as good. Anyway, is not something that should scare you, maybe late a few more milliseconds to recognize the footprints, but it remains very fast.

As we have seen in this article, it is of a very balanced ROM that, as the development team will working on it, will be incorporating improvements that differentiate it from what was CyanogenMod in terms of functions and aesthetics, but retain the best virtues. What you most like and what about LineageOS?