The Best Cell Phone Network to Make Calls in Germany

Quality and reliability of voice connections included in the overall result with 40 percent. Which operator offers the best mobile phone network here?

Voice plays only a minor role in the communication behaviour of some users. But the classic telephony is not outdated yet. Otherwise the three German network operators had not so much effort put into introducing VoLTE – calls with data packages on LTE-based.

In the test drives (drive tests) carried out by P3 and the measurements taken on foot (walking tests) quality and performance of the telephony played an important role still: in the two cars which drove through 17 large and many smaller German towns, six Samsung smartphones were installed for this purpose. You constantly pitched voice connections to their counterparts in the other vehicle. To simulate everyday smartphone usage, mobile phones at the same time transferred data during telephony testing in the background.

Same device placement came in the backpacks of the tester to use, which ran through city centers and public buildings for the walking test. The units were configured so that a part of the connections via VoLTE and a part of conventional circuit-switched telephony ran.

Clear precedence

In inner city areas, a clear picture emerged: both the drive tests as well as the walking tests Deutsche Telekom is clearly at the top, distance follows Vodafone with some rating points. O2, which can be read off on the lower success rates, longer call setup times, and also the lower average voice quality is clear.

Also during their test drives through smaller towns and on roads, the P3 Tester essentially determined same precedence: Deutsche Telekom is ahead, followed by Vodafone with a comparatively small distance, O2 with significantly larger. While the Telefonica-quite well with network in smaller cities, the distance to the leadership Duo on the roads is growing. However, O2 in comparison to the previous year in the discipline of language as a whole has improved.

In the telephone calls, looked at the P3-Tester in trains, also Telecom and Vodafone show weaknesses. But the results from O2 that opposite again falling back.

Vodafone is some measurements such as call set up time and language quality some slightly forward. However, could complain about the Duesseldorf one stage win in the language category in itself in the previous year, this title at Deutsche Telekom.

All the details of the network test, the individual reviews of the operators and detailed tables of results for connect 01/2017 – now on newsstands and through the connect Aboshop to order.